Saint >> Irwin

"Mr Irwin, it was a mistake." She said. "Well mistakes have to be punished." He replied, determination burning deep in his eyes.


2. 0.1

I slipped on my school shirt and walked out of the bathroom stall still tucking the ends of it into my school skirt. We had just finished a presentation in our English class and was allowed the rest of the end of class to change back into our uniforms. I looked in the mirror before looking around, strangely enough no one else was there. I glanced down at my watch and shook my head, again they ditched me. I knew I took long to get dressed but it was only because of how tiny the bathrooms were. 


I picked up my clothes and walked out of the bathroom, we only had about five more minutes until this period would be over so I headed down the hallway to put the bag in my locker. I turned the combination and pulled the locker door open, quickly I stuffed the bag with the clothes in there and picked up my math book. It was the last period of the day and I hated it.


Mathematics was not my favorite subject in the world, in fact I sucked at it. I would literally see 10 - 4 and put 8. I don't know why I was so horrible at it but I just was. And it didn't help that my teacher was nerdy looking. He looked like some emo who couldn't find a job anywhere so he ended up here. At least that's what he looked like last term.


It was the third day of school and the first day I had math so I wasn't to excited to go to class either way. But being the Good Girl I am I ended up Not skipping.  Instead, maybe I should try this term and be early to his class, although I hadn't seen him in school since it started.


I closed my locker and walked down the empty hallway towards math class. Once there I glanced in the room and it was empty, not even Mr Irwin was in there. I shrugged it off and checked to see if the door was unlocked. It was.

I walked in the empty classroom and took my seat closer to the back of the class. As I sat there alone i started to feel a little sick. Again, I really did hate math so now my anxiety was starting to act up. So I closed my eyes and rest my head on the desk. 


Any second the bell should ring and students would be flooding in, I won't be alone, and most importantly soon it will end. 

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