Saint >> Irwin

"Mr Irwin, it was a mistake." She said. "Well mistakes have to be punished." He replied, determination burning deep in his eyes.


1. 0.0

I closed my eyes and pushed open the detention room. It was empty, was I in the room? I closed the door softly behind me and walked towards a seat at the back of the class, placing my bag on the desk before sitting on the chair. It was my first time here. I pulled out a notebook and started to flip through the pages to occupy my distracted mind. 


I heard the door creak open and I jumped as it slammed shut. Looking up I saw him, his light coloured eyes, curly, messy hair and fitted shirt. He looked perfect. 


"I see you're here early. Couldn't wait to get started huh?" He asked, a smirk playing on his lips.  I didn't answer, I didn't know how to answer to be honest. "Quiet are we?" He asked again.


He placed his bag on the teacher's desk and the walked down to the back of the class where I sat alone. He opened a cupboard behind me and pulled out some books then he walked back to the front of the class,

"Why are you sitting so far away from me? I'm not going to eat you."


I blushed and looked down, 



"Well come on." He gestured for me to move closer, I picked up my bag reluctantly and headed towards the first row where I sat down and opened my book again.




"Do you know why I gave you detention?" He asked, his aussie accent breaking through his words, I shook my head.



"Because I brought a fake snake to school?" I asked softly. He nodded.



"That's not all." He said as he leaned back against his seat and crossed his leg over the other. His arms went back behind his head and propped him up causing his shirt to tighten and muscles to show. I nearly choked on air at seeing it. 




He looked as if he stepped out of a magazine even in the sweaty, hot mess of a state he was in. I bit my bottom lip and looked away. It seemed as if he realized what I was thinking because a small chuckled escaped from him as he shifted his position again, this time he stood up restlessly and walked over to me desk.





I leaned back as he leaned forward resting his arms on both ends of the desk I was sitting at. He looked down at me and his gaze went from my eyes and trailed down my body. I never felt so awkward.




He smirked and casually licked his lips, that one action killed me on the inside, he was drop dead gorgeous and I couldn't help it. I was a mess.




"I wanted to know if you wanted extra credit." He said softly.  I knew for sure that the extra credit he was speaking of was not the normal kind in school. He gently moved a lose strand of my dark hair away from my face, then slowly slid his long fingers down the side of my face to my neck. 




I froze, what should I do?




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