Was it all in my head?

Ella was a sweet, caring, & trustworthy person. She always cared about that one special person, & his name was Cameron Dallas. Yes, THE Cameron Dallas. Cam & Ella were best friends. But that all goes down hill when Cam hurts Ella and everything he ever told her was a joke. Will Ella forgive him? Read this & find out!


1. Prologue

Ella's P.o.v

Cameron was everything I've ever dreamt of. Sweet, carefree, trustworthy, & loyal. At least he was. Cameron Dallas was the love of my life. He meant the world to me. You see Nash, Cams bestfriend was  my brother. Nash was the only family I had. He always had my back even when me and cam would disagree about things. One day Nash and Cameron were hanging out and Cams phone kept on going off. Cameron went to the bathroom, so Nash decided to check his phone because he thought it was me. It wasn't. It was some girl that I called my best friend. Demi, I couldn't believe it. The love of my life was cheating on me with my best friend.


Nash's P.o.v

I can't believe it. My fucking best friend was cheating on my sister. "Cam get your ass out here!" I yelled. Cameron came running out the bathroom. "What dude? What happened!?" Cam asked in a worried tone. "You fucking prick!" I pushed Cameron. "What the hell man, what did I do?" Cam asked. "Your cheating on my damn sister? The "love of your life" BULLSHIT CAMERON!'' I yelled. Cameron stayed quiet and looked at the floor. I walked up to Cameron and pushed him. "Nash what are you doing?" Cam asked. "Calling my damn sister & your gonna fucking tell her" I spat at him. "Nash no! Please!" Cam pleaded. I dialed Ella's number and she picked up on the second ring. (Ella-E, Nash-N)

E- "Is cam annoying you already?" Ella giggled                                                                                                                  

N- "Ella come over. Now!" I said.

E- "Alright!" Ella chirped.

My blood was boiling. "Your a prick Cam. She fucking loves you!" I yelled. "Im fucking sorry Nash!" Cam yelled. "What the hell is going on!?" Ella yelled. "Go ahead Cameron, tell her." I said. "Tell me what? Cam whats going on?" Ella asked in a worried tone. "I uh, I cheated on you." Cameron said in a quiet voice. "Y-you what?" Ella asked as her voice started to break. "I cheated on you Ella!" Cameron exclaimed. Ella looked at Cameron with tears running down her face. "How could you Cam? I loved you for fucks sake!" Ella cried. I walked up to cameron and punched him the face. "You deserve that you dick" I spat. Ella just stood there bawling her eyes out. "Come on Ella lets go home." I said. Ella looked at me with red puffy eyes. "Why me?" Ella cried. "Shh, its okay" I hugged Ella. "Ella, I'm  so so so so sorry!" Cameron said with tears in his eyes. "No cameron. Just tell me with who." Ella asked. "D-demi." Cameron said. "MY FUCKING BESTFRIEND. WHAT THE FUCK CAMERON!" Ella yelled. "Im sorry, I was feeling lonely! You never wanted to do anything in bed so i went to a party one night, saw Demi and one thing led to another." Cam said "Your dead to me cameron. We're done." Ella spat. "Ella! No! I love you!" Cameron cried. "Bullshit" Ella said. Ella grabbed my hand and walked out. That was the end of Cameron's and Ella's relationship.



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