In which a girl searched for a reason, and a boy gave her one


1. Sergei Prokofiev and Introductions

I've been surrounded by unfamiliar faces my entire life, so opening the door up to be met with a whole room of them, hadn't seem to faze me in the slightest way. the room seemed to be set to a dim light, and was filled with the strong smell of chanel perfume mixed with mens cologne. distant sound of Sergei Prokofiev's soft symphony also filled the room, echoing off the beige walls. my step dad loved his compositions, my mother on the other hand had never been a fan of classical music, considering my real dad had actually been in a somewhat punk rock band and loved him along with his music. She loves Andrew now though, and is accepting to whatever his interests and goals are, just like any love should. I haven't discovered yet what music taste I have, I mean I grew up on Bon Jovi and Motley Crue, but then Andrew introduced me into classical, such as Sergei Prokofiev and Antonio Vivaldi, but maybe I didn't have a taste, maybe I liked them all.

"Isabella" I forced a smile, turning to face my step dad and all his well dressed friends.

"I'd like to introduce you all to my step daughter" he announced setting his hand on my lower back and pushing my slightly towards the group of wealthy looking men and women.

I waved quietly at them and tucked a stray piece of hair behind my ear self consciously.

I could feel their gazes burning a hole into my skin causing my cheeks to heat up.

this happened every time I met any friend(s) of Andrew's.

as much as I loved Andrew and all the things that he's done and made my mom feel, his life style just didn't fit mine.

I wasn't willing to change the way I looked at things in life, like my mom was when she met him.

I had my own perspective, my own outlook, my own style, and my own goals.

I almost feel like I'm stuck in the 14th century, surrounded by all these people pretending their royalty, in their expensive dresses and suits, standing around trying to make small talk and show off whatever business or money they have.

"well then, Isabella why don't you go see if Clarian needs help with anything" my mother finally said after 5 minutes of harsh stares and awkward silence.

I nodded quickly hurrying off towards the kitchen leaving Andrew and his little group behind.

I was finally able to breathe once the door to the kitchen had shut, separating me from the uncomfortableness.

my gaze had locked with Clarian as she set the icing bag she was holding down.

"Isabella?" she asked her eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

I didn't blame her, I never usually come in the kitchen, never really had to.

"hey Clarian" I sighed hopping up on an open stool and leaning on the counter.

"what are you doing in here?" she asked picking up her icing bag again, and continuing to decorate whatever she had baked.

"my mother told me to come and see if you were in need of help"

"aw so some of Mr. Andrew's guests have arrived early I presume" she nodded already understanding my situation.

I never understood how Clarian could read people as if they were books.

"I don't understand what he's trying to do" I sighed sitting up more.

"he just wants to introduce you to the people he's associated with, he only wants you to know him better Isabella" she answered smoothly placing her baked items on platters.

Clarian had always been a soft person to talk to, she was good with words, I don't think I've ever heard her stutter, not once.

she sounds almost as if she's sure of everything she says all the time, like she never regrets a word.

"on another note your mother was indeed right, I have plenty of baked goods, that need to be decorated, and I could use a colourful person to do such" she smiled, tossing an apron towards me.

I caught it with ease letting out a slight giggle,

"lucky for you, I have somewhat of a colourful imagination" I said grinning at her and standing up.

she laughed, walking towards the radio that sat under the counter,

and turned it up, letting Aerosmith fill up the silence.

























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