In which a girl searched for a reason, and a boy gave her one


4. An Odd Dream and Thoughts


a familiar voice sounded behind me, causing my body to turn around.

I felt my heart rate pick up when I had made out the face that seemed to be quite a distance away from me.

"Dad?" I said loudly hoping he could hear me.

"Isabella" his voice shouted again, this time he had started to walk towards me.

I stood there waiting for him to reach me.

"I've missed you" he said his face breaking into a smile.

he was only meters away from me now, but it wasn't until he was a few feet away from me, did I notice he wasn't looking at me, but past me.

I quickly turned around catching sight of a little girl, and her mom smiling.

but something wasn't right,

the little girl didn't look anything like me, in fact, we looked almost opposite.

and the mom that stood beside the girl, didn't look like mom, he hair was black and her eyes were a dark brown.

"we've missed you too" the lady spoke opening up her arms to him.

I felt a lump forming my throat as he began to walk towards them.

"no" I said loudly.

but it was as if I was in my own sound proof box.

I felt tears well up in my eyes, threatening to overflow any minute.

"he's not your dad he's mine" I yelled out at the little girl, as she wrapped her tiny arms around his waste smiling.

"stop it" I yelled running over and pushing her off of him, causing her to stumble back and fall.

her eyes gazed into mine filled with confusion and pain from the fall.

her mouth slowly opened, but before she could even speak, everything went black.


I felt my body jerk up, my heavy breathing being the only thing heard through the dark room.

that was odd, it almost felt real.

what scared me the most was that my father had actually looked generally happy with those people,

whoever they are.

I let out a shaky breath before pulling myself out of bed and glancing at the time,

it was 3 in the mourning, and I knew for a fact that I didn't want to go back to sleep.

I dragged my body down stairs towards the fridge for a glass of water, to cool my thoughts.

I took the time to listen and observe my surroundings while drinking.

I didn't very much like this house now that I thought about it.

most people would consider me crazy, due to the fact that the house was huge.

but it feels empty all the time,

no matter how many people are in it.

I don't like the feeling of getting lost in your own home,

a home should be a place you know every square meter of,

a place you can walk through blindfolded, and still find your way around.

I missed the little apartment my mum and dad had years ago.

It was small and cozy,

and smelt of honey, from the little candles my mother had burned around the house.

I sighed stopping myself from further memories,

this was my life now,

this was our life now,

which means I have to accept certain things that are out of my control.

I sat myself down on the large sofa, leaning my head back,

3 hours till everyone's up,

which means 3 hours of deep meaningless thoughts, and a whole lot of nothing.












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