The Journey For Convergence

Kira and Mira Aphrodite are twins and they have special powers. Kira's is just starting to show itself, but then she goes unconscious and her brother, Mira, and their teacher at the Mortal school, Mrs. Floo, are nervous about whether or not she will be okay. Later on, they find themselves at an underwater school for the Gifted, called Treloturn, and have to face someone who wants to destroy the school.


1. Kira

     I leaned over and tapped my twin brother, Mira, on the shoulder to get his attention. He was shooting rubber bands across the room at the teacher.
     "Kira! You made me miss! What do you want now?" Mira said to me.
     The past fifteen minutes, I have been leaning over and asking my brother for stuff. My brother, Mira, is six foot five and has long, dirty-blonde hair. He is super skinny, has sea green eyes, tan skin, and is admired by almost all the girls. I am six foot three, have very pale skin, bright green eyes, and I have long, straight, blonde hair.
     "Well, I'm sorry for making you miss Mrs. Floo's face, but this is really important!" I exclaimed.
     "Well, what is it?" Mira spat. He sounded very annoyed.
     I sat there quietly thinking to myself. Maybe he's too annoyed right now, I said to myself, silently.
     "Spit it out already!" Mira said forcefully.
     I sighed, and them said, "Oh all right! I think my powers are starting to kick in. I feel all tingly. First, it started in my chest, like, inside my heart. Then, it spread throughout my body. I feel like... Like I'm changing from the inside out."
     "Oh no! Really? Can you tell what your power is? Or is it too early to tell? I hope mine kick in soon! I can't wait 'till I can leave this school and go to Treloturn to train our powers together! Then we would be away from these mere Mortals!"
     "How am I supposed to know what my power is already! All I know is that I hear a lot of voices, and that it's very loud in here. I'm surprised Mrs. Floo hasn't told everyone to shut up. But I guess we both will have to wait and see what my power is. And I want to go to Treloturn as much as you do. I hope we get put in the same family! We have a one in nine chance! Not very good odds though. I wonder how they separate the kids," I said thoughtfully and full of awe and wonder.
     "I know right!" Mira exclaimed in a loud voice.
     "What are you two talking about back there?" A  sharp, stern voice interrupted our conversation. Mrs. Floo was looking at us like we were a piece of dead meat.
     Mrs. Floo was an elderly lady of about sixty-five. She always has her stringy brown, with faint blonde highlights, which is starting to turn gray, hair in a tight bun in the back right of her head. She has piercing, ice blue eyes that seem to see everything, maybe including our souls! Mrs. Floo is very skinny, frail, has a tight, thin jaw, and gets sick a lot, ironically. She is wearing a dress uniform, which is a light, sky blue shirt underneath, and a black and red overcoat. She is wearing a matching skirt that goes about an inch or two above her knees. She also wears black, three-inch high heel boots that click-clack overtime she walks. And her glare, which she was giving me and Mira right now, was a glare saying, 'Shut up, or you will die.' It is quite scary, actually.
     "Oh! Uh... Nothing! Nothing at all!" I said hurriedly, my voice squeaking.
     All of a sudden, the bell rings. Mira and I grab our things and start sprinting for the door.
     "Not so fast! Mira, Kira, I want to have a talk with you two." Mrs. Floo's sharp tone made us stop dead in our tracks.
     "But we will miss the bus if we don't go NOW!" Mira pleaded.
     "What bus? I'll tell the driver to wait on you," Mrs. Floo declared.
     "Forty-seven," I said.
     Mrs. Floo pulls out her radio, "Mrs. Floo to bus forty-seven," she says.
     "Bus forty-seven here," says a deep, scratchy voice, which I recognized as our bus driver, Bob.
     "I would like you to wait until the twins, Mira and Kira, come out. I believe you are familiar with them," Mrs. Floo said.
     "Will do."
     "Mmh," was the reply.
     Mrs. Floo turns back to us. She glances back and forth between us for a few seconds.
     "Awkward..." Mira said, looking at the ground.
     "I couldn't help noticing that both of you have perfect grades. And that neither of you pay attention in class. Do you guys take extra classes outside of school?" She implored.
     "No, we are just really smart," I said.
     "But how? You two are basically geniuses!"
     "Maybe we are. Can we go now?" Mira said, trying to sound as annoyed as possible.
     "Oh, uh right. You have to get home to your parents. Yes, you may go. Have a nice evening," Mrs. Floo said regretfully.
     "Okay, thanks. 'Bye Mrs. Floo," I said with relief.
     Mira and I started to sprint out of the room again, then I run right into the wall, which makes me black out.


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