Thoughts Of A Teenage Girl

The thoughts and secrets of a teenage girl.


1. I hate my life

It all started when my mum left her ex, engaged to him for 10 years and finally realising he didn't make her happy.Off she goes to switzerland , gets a good paid job and starts to make her own way in the world, then she meets a man tall,slim, tanned and cheeky. Yes there may be a age difference but there's also a connection, an electric spark. Next thing you know their living together, few months later there expecting a baby girl. He wanted to get married, then the baby was born. Everything wasn't going to plan,his random family were weird some members kind others dodgy. He got poccessive, violent, he cheated, he lied, he made threats. He changed. She had to get out, constant plans to get away, setting up with her boss to go back to england start a fresh new life. But she couldn't do it,  He messed about with money a lot, did stupid dumb things and finally BAM! He loses the house makes his wife and his 2.5 year old daughter homeless.she made it clear that was it she's going with her daughter and he let her, the only thing she was grateful for was that he knew she could look after their daughter better then him. That he let her go. When my mum and me arrived in england we lived with my grandma, then my mum was pregnant again with a baby boy by my crap excuse of a father. We got a flat my mum gave birth , then our flat was condemned and we moved we lived there seven years I grew up happily more or less, my dad came to live with us for six months but it didn't work out, she got pregnant again but had a miscarriage, few years later we went out to Kosovo to see him, she got pregnant again but had another miscarriage.we always had money problems and we lost all hope, but at least we had eachother. As I grew up I couldnt give less of a fuck about my dad. I stopped talking to him, stopped replying to his messages on Fb, I cut off any communication unfortunately my little brother kieran still wanted him, never having known our dad he worshipped him cos he had no idea. He'd occasionally ask why I hated dad but I can't express to a ten year old boy how or why its just everything really. When I turned thirteen it all blew to pieces I finally told my mum after 7 years that when my father stayed for that 6 months when I was at my best friends birthday party her mum and my dad were sexually fooling about in the photo booth, the party finished and I went looking for my dad that's when I saw him, with her the skinny young little bitch, when he saw my he took the aside and aggressively told me to shut my mouth. So I did but after not seeing him for 6 years I told my mum and it was such a relief, I made her promise not to tell him, but she did. They had a heated argument over the phone cos on fb I messaged him saying I never wanted him in my life again. So my mum brought up the affair thing and he denied it. He begged for money which we didn't have but still got from us, he then supposedly got ill so ill he was terminally ill,bullshit. Then my grandma my dads mum died, she was so lovely and it was a sad time, I had only met her once but she was so kind. Her death wish was that we stayed together as a family but it was way too late for that. Now that girl is thirteen she's called Yasmina in year 9 and about to finish her life story. Because I'm her and this is my life story all true. My father is an abusive aggressive violent money grabbing manipulative asshole, I hate him. 


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