You Can't Forgive My Sins - AI

Squeal to You Can't Heal My Scars....

Gina's and Ashton's relationship is going smoothly and well nothing could be better for this happy married couple but when news of a baby arrives. Everything Gina was trying to forget about that secret night her and Luke spent is coming back alive and will Ashton understand if the truth comes to light....


11. Chapter 9 - Luke's Hospital Bed

Chapter 9 - Luke's Hospital Bed


Gina's POV:


I woke up bright and early this morning... Only because I couldn't sleep. I was tossing and turning all night and frankly you can't really blame me. Ashton has been ringing me all morning and I just can't answer him just yet not after what he did to Luke and how he treated me. I pull on my laced floral summer dress and slip on my baby blue pumps. I tie my hair into a neat bun on the top of my head and bobby pin it into place. I apply a thick layer of concealer to hide the black bruise forming around my eye slightly and blend it gently into my skin hissing slightly at the pain. After the concealer was blended, I apply a layer of foundation and winged my eyeliner. I dig through my make up bag for my nude matte lipstick remembering it was on the sink side. "Fuck" I curse as I apply my nude lipgloss instead. I leave the guest room, and walk down the corridor to suddenly turn round and run into the nearest bathroom to throw up. Seriously why call it morning sickness if it happens all god damn day and night. After throwing up all that my stomach contained, I wipe around my mouth and use some mouth wash that was in the side to freshen up my breath. "Gina? Are you okay?" Kia's concerned voice asked from the door of the bathroom. 
"Yep just a little morning sickness" I brush off the question and act fine. I stand up and neaten out my dress. 
"We're going to see Luke if you want to come ?" She asked and I instantly nod my head. I quickly grab my bag and slip my phone into a compartment. 

I help Kia with the kids by sitting them into there assigned car seats then I took a seat near the window and gazed into the horizon as we pulled out of the drive way. I catch a glimpse of Ashton look out of our bedroom window and my heart breaks even more. His eyes look swollen and red, guess he's been crying. I try to take my eye off him but I can't as we drive away. My eyes become blurry as salty tears fall from my eyes. I hate to when he's hurting like this because it's my fault and there nothing I can do to help him. 

I stay quite for the entire ride to the hospital as I didn't really want to speak due as Kia was sorting out the screaming kids and Michael was concentrating on the road even though his concentration face was quite funny at times. Once we pulled into the car park, I helped Kia and with them again whilst Mikey paid for a parking ticket. I opened my bag and looked at my phone it was full of texts and missed calls from Ashton.. I unlocked my phone and read a few of them but one of them made my heart melt. 

AshtonGina, I know what I did to Luke was wrong but what I did to you was even worse ! You are my wife and I hurt you and left a mark on you and I shouldn't have done that ! I'm sooo sorry baby! I'm a total jerk and nothing will ever make up for me hurting you like that, I miss you like crazy but I know that your scared of me know and I totally understand that! I'm not that monster you saw yesterday and you know that ! I love you princess ! I hope you come home to me soon !!! Love Ashton xxx 

Tear once again fall from my eyes and every I thought I hated about him seems to disappear and I instantly miss his long arms around my and the gentle kiss he always placed on my forehead. I miss him but most of all I love him ! I lock my phone wipe my eyes again as we walk Into the hospital. Michael ask what room Luke is in and I follow as the doctor shows us personally where it is. "Michael!" I say as we reach his door.
"Yes Gina ?" He says looking at me with a confused look. 
"Can I go in alone, I'd like to talk to Luke before you guys if you don't mind" I say quietly and he nods. I open the door and take a deep breath before entering Luke's hospital room. I close the door behind me and take in his features. His eyebrow is stitched alone with a part in his lip, bruise cover his face and his eyes are pretty swollen. I gasp lightly, I can't believe Ashton did this. Luke blonde hair was slightly stained red from the blood. "Hey Gina" he spoke with a smile on his face. 
"Hey Lukey" I reply take the seat next to his bed. I take a hold of his hand and run my fingers gently along it .
"How are you feeling ?" I asked, as my stomach turns at the sight of his injured self.
"I'm good, what about you and the baby?" He asked and I smile.
"We're both good, just a little morning sickness" I giggle and so does he, "Jacob is fine by the way, he's staying with Calum till you get out of the hospital".
" Ashton came to see me yesterday..."
"Oh.. He didn't hurt you again did he?" 
"No... He was so upset with himself about what he did and was very apologetic, I forgave him of cause and he told me what happens to you and he's devastated Gina... He doesn't know where is head is anymore as its that fucked up"
" I know he texted me apologising but I just can't go back just yet not after what he did to you and me" 
"I understand that but you have to talk to him ! He needs you" 
"I'll talk to him I promise" I said and give his hand a little squeeze, Michael and Kia walk into the room and we talked for a while about everything but I just couldn't concentrate on anything as my mind kept going back to Ashton and how much I needed to see him. I excused myself from the room and booked my self a cab back to the houses. I texted Ashton I was on my way over to talk and as I climbed into the cab. The drive to the house was quite as my nervous started to kick in, we soon pulled up to the house, I paid the driver the five dollars and got out. I looked at my so called home and slowly walked up the porch and knocked on the door. I heard the clinching of keys and shuffling as the lock unlatched and the door slowly open. "Come in" his quite and raspy voice spoke. I took small steps into the house and placed my bag onto the table, I turned around to look at my husband, the man I married could hardly be recognised. His hair was a total mess, his eyes were bright red and puffy, his cheeks stained with tears and his lips chapped and swollen. "Ashton" I gasped at the state of him, my heart falling into my stomach.
"Gina.. I'm soo sorry I didn't mean to hurt, I was so angry and upset, I wasn't thinking right, I love you" He cries as he falls down to his knees, his head falling into my legs as his arms grip my dress, I run my hands through his tangles curls as his crus tryin to calm him down. "It's okay, I forgive you" I coo, "everything will be okay". 
"I love you" he said between breaths.
"I love you too" I say as he calms down, my head runs wilds with thoughts but I know that I did love him but I was also scared of him too.

Ashton's POV:

She's forgive me...

She has forgiven me after everything I did to her and Luke. I'm not complaint, I'm happy she has but I can also see that she is a little scared of me and I know that it my own stupid fault but this women is my wife and after everything we've been through before, I had hope that she'd come back to me. I hiss as she cleans up my face with a cold compress. Telling me to shut up every time I swear when it hurts causing a small smile to appear on both our faces. God I've missed that small of hers, even thought she's only been away for a day it feels so much longer then that like she been a away for months. She quickly drops the cold compress and runs to the downstairs bathroom, I jump off the kitchen counter and follow behind her. I peak around the door and see her hauls over the toilet, throwing up the context of her stomach. "Babe are you okay?" I ask slightly worried.
"Yeah, just a little morning sickness that's all" she smile lightly then hurls back into the toilet, I walk in a begin to rub her back. She finally finished puking and flushed the toilet. She wipes her mouth on the near by face cloth and rinses her mouth out with mouthwash. 
"Why call it morning sickness if it happens all goddamn day ?" She ask and I just shrug my shoulders. She takes a seat next to me on the floor and he leans her head on my shoulder. 
"Thought of any names yet?" I ask her out of the blue.
"Nope... Have you ?" She fires back. I nod and she looks at me a little shocked.
"What are they?"
"Well for a girl I like Bree and for a boy I like Deacon" I say and she just laughs a little.
"I like them, I really do" she smiled and kisses my cheek before laying her head back onto my shoulder. 

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