You Can't Forgive My Sins - AI

Squeal to You Can't Heal My Scars....

Gina's and Ashton's relationship is going smoothly and well nothing could be better for this happy married couple but when news of a baby arrives. Everything Gina was trying to forget about that secret night her and Luke spent is coming back alive and will Ashton understand if the truth comes to light....


10. Chapter 8 - Lost and Broken

Chapter 8 - Lost and Broken


Ashton's POV:


All this time !

All this fucking time !

Why would she do this to me ?

With Luke ?

Tears fall from my eyes and the idea that I'm a potential father to Gina's unborn baby! I pull my phone out of my jean pockets and scroll through Twitter. I read every tweet made about Gina and my heart breaks. I know what she did was wrong but they don't need to be so harsh to her about it! As I continue to scroll down Twitters I notice that Luke has tweeted about it.


@Luke5SOS - guys @GinaIrwinOffical doesn't deserves all this hate by one mistake! Everyone makes mistakes ! So leave her alone !!


I clench my phone in my fist and let out a huge scream !!! He has always been after Gina but this is the last straw I fucking swear! I turn round and head back in the direction of the houses. My feet move a lot quicker then usual and I feel my anger building and building the closer I get to his house. I slam my fist against his door and wait for him to open it. The door slowly opens and Luke look at me with the most guiltiest look plastered on his face. "Ash I'm ..." He says before my fist connects with his face. His body crashes against for the floor but my fist doesn't stop pummelling into his face. Blood is splattered all over my knuckles as I pours from the cut above his eye and nose. "ASHTON" Gina's voice screams from behind me as she runs and pushes me off of him.

"Back off Gina" I yell as she checks to make sure Luke is okay and still alive.

"Ashton go home now !" She yells at me with tears streaming down her face.

"If I'm going your comin with me" I say grabbing a tight hold of her wrist and pulling her with me ! She yelps in pain but I block it out as I pull her out of his house and across the garden to our home. I slam open the door and sling her into the house. He body crashes against the floor as tears stream down her face.

"You will never see him again !" I yell at her as she cowers on the floor. She slowly nods her head and stumbles up the stairs away from. I slam my fist onto the glass table and watch is shatter into pieces. I walk into the kitchen and open the fridge and pull out the crate of fosters. I crack open a can and down the contents. I slide down the fridge till my bum touches the floor. I open another can and another and another till the pain of my heart breaking becomes numb and almost gone. Tears fall from my face as the realisation of Gina's scared and trembling body on the floor fills my minds. What is wrong with you ? Why am I fucking up with her all the time ?


Gina's POV:


My weak and aching body crashes into the bed as I hear the shattered of glass from down stairs. Tears fall from my eyes like tsunami hitting the shore.  Ashton has never hit me or hurt me like this before. I look at my raw and red wrist as the bruising forms every single one of his fingers. I pull out my phone and type a quick text to Kia.


Kia: Please take Luke to the hospital like now !!! Xx


I lock my phone and close my eyes as sleep engulf my entire body. I hope he's calmed down by the time I wake up.

I hear a low buzz against my ear. I open my eyes and grab ahold of my phone. I click the answer button without checking the name. "Hello" I say weakly as I rub my tired eyes.

"Luke is okay? He just has a few bruises and cuts in his face" Michael explains to me. My heart sinks as the images of Ashton punching Luke flashing in my head.

"Oh god ! I'm so glad he's fine " I let out a heavy breath.

"Care to explain why he's in the hospital ?" Michael asked and I began to sob again down the phone.

"Ashton.. He punched Luke cause of the affair and now I'm pregnant and either one of them are the dad... Ashton also hurt me and I'm scared Mikey... I'm scared of what's going to happen" I blurt out with more tears falling faster and faster.

"He did what?" Michael shouted through the phone.

"He dragged out of Luke's house and hurt my wrist then threw me into the floor of ours as he yelled at me" I say trying to calm myself down.

"Right pack a few things and your comin to stay with me and Kia till he calms down" he's forcefully and hangs up the phone. I pull out my suit case and fill it with clothes, shoes, my travel bag with my essentials in like toothbrush and Lynx. I through in my make up and zip the case shut. I slip on my pumps and drag the suite case behind me. I push it down the stairs and wait for Michael to knock on the doors. "Gina" Ashton's voice shouts from the kitchen. I don't answer and I stay quite as much as possible.

"Gina.. I'm sorry I never meant to hurt you! I love you!" He says as he enters the living room.

"Ashton your drunk" I answer back as I see him stumbling around.

"I'm so sorry for hurting you baby girl! You know I'd never mean to do that" he cries as he gets closer to me, "Please don't leave me"  my heart breaks but I stay quite and open the door. Michael takes hold of my suite case and give Ashton a glares.

"Ashton you need to sober up and calm the heck down ! Before I knock you the fuck out like you did to Luke" Michael snaps at him and closes the door behind us. I clinch my thriving wrist in my hand as tears fall once again down my face.

"Kia is waiting for you in the house with a coffee" he smiles and opens the door. I still can't get over how close we all are and how amazing it feels to be this close to all my friends and family. Just wish Ashton would calm down and appologise when he's sober.

"Gina's oh my god are you alright?" Kia asks all worried. I nod my head and she pulls me into a tight and need hugs, I wrap my arms around her and cry harder then before.

"I'm gonna kill him for hurting you like this Gina" she says all angry and upset. I show her the bruises forming in my body from Ashton and she gasps.

"I never thought he'd be like that?" She gasps in pure shock.

"Neither did I to be honest ! It completely shocked me but scared me too" I answer honestly, "how's Luke ?"

"He doing fine! The doctors with give us a ring when he's okay to come homes. So AGG really has it out for you doesn't she?" Kia mentions and I nodded my head.

"This is the first time I've ever heard of her and I doubt it will be the last" I smile and take a sip from my coffee. Me and Kia talk for hours as she tries to help me take my mind off everything that just happens but honestly nothing can as I'm worried sick about Ashton and the silly thing is I still love him after all that he's done today.. He's still my husband and I will always no matter what love him till the day I die.

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