You Can't Forgive My Sins - AI

Squeal to You Can't Heal My Scars....

Gina's and Ashton's relationship is going smoothly and well nothing could be better for this happy married couple but when news of a baby arrives. Everything Gina was trying to forget about that secret night her and Luke spent is coming back alive and will Ashton understand if the truth comes to light....


9. Chapter 7 - Hung Over and AGG

Chapter 7 - Hung Over And AGG


Gina's POV:


My head pounded and my eyes screamed in pain as I opened them to the blazing sun. "Fuck" I curse. I pull the cover further over my body so my eyes where hidden from the burning sun light. I heard a slight groan and a pair of arms pull me into there strong and muscular chest.

"No swearing" Ashton's morning voice scolded me. I giggle slightly and nudged him.

"You swear more then me to be honest" I smile and kiss his cheek but he moves his head before I had chance to touch his cheek instead my lips connected with his. I pull away after a few seconds and wiggle my way out of his arms, him protesting constantly. I rubbed my eyes and let them adjust to the Australian sun as I stumbled out of heaven aka the bed. I walked towards the bathroom and slowly pushed the door open with my foot, closing it behind me, I shimmied my panties down my legs and sat on the toilet seat. I grabbed my tooth brush and tooth paste and squirted a little of the paste into my brush and began to brush my teeth to get rid of the horrid alcohol taste in my mouth. I took a handful of toilet paper and wiped before dropping it into the toilet and flushing it down the drain. I pulled my panties back up and washed my hands vigorously before starting on my teeth again. I spit out the excess tooth paste and rinse my tooth brush out. I place it back into the holder and stripe out of my clothes and step into the shower, I turn the forcit and let the warm water cover my aching and hung over body. I looked down at my belly and smiled.. I had created a new life and it's growing inside of me right now. 'Don't forget you don't know who the daddy is yet' the stupid inner me added. I groan and grab my fluffy sponge, I squirted my Victoria secret shower gel onto the sponge. I run the sponge across my body and made sure every part of me was covered in the soapy substance. I stood under the shower and watched to water wash away the bubbles. I heard the door open and a curly haired man bobbed his head round the door. "Baby are you okay?" He asked closing the door behind him.

"Yeah I'm fine ash, could you start on breakfast please?" I asked sweetly. Feeling a little self conscious. He pulled back the curtain slowly and popped his head round.

"Gina? What's up ?" He asked out of the blue.

"Can i please tell you out of the shower ?" I ask abruptly.

"Okay but you promise to tell me ?" He asked and I nodded. He left the bathroom and I quickly finished up in the shower. I turned the forcet to stop the water  and gently clambered out. I wrapped my warm fluffy towel around my still damp body and one around my hair. I walked into the bathroom when I heard my phone bleeping. I rushed over to it and unlocked my phone. I read the text and my heart dropped.



I know your little secret about the foetus growing in your fat belly of yours and I intend to tell everyone about it... You little whore !!!


My eyes brimmed with tears and I sobbed in controllably. I could hear Aston sprint up the stairs and with in seconds he was standing in the bedroom door looking down on me. My phone buzzed again and it was a tweet from someone account I've never heard of.


@AustrlianGossipGirl - the news on the street is that @GinaIrwinOffical is knocked up and there is two potential fathers... I'll let that secret out later today xoxo AGG


My stomach flipped and I rushed to the bathroom dropping my towel and hurling myself over the toilet. The hot stomach acid poured out of my mouth as tears streamed from my face. I felt a hand start rubbing my back and I could here his breathing lighten. I wipe my mouth on the towel I dropped as Ashton gave my one of my oversized tops to put on. I couldn't bring myself to look at him as I knew he wouldn't believe me if I told him the truth. "Sooo..." He said quite hushed.

"I'll explain once I feel like everything is off my stomach" I answered back.

"Is that why you was yelling at Luke last night ?" He asked and I was taken by pure shock... He noticed that.

"Partly yeah" I sighed.

"Is he one of the potential fathers?" He said knowing without a doubt it was. I nod my head slowly.

"So you cheated on me with my best friend" he yelled slightly.

"Can I please explain?" I sighed as I watched him run his long fingers through is curly locks.

"Go ahead"

"You know when you was away for the three months after we had the huge argument because you was messaging Brianna again and I knew what happens on tour the last time you messaged her ?"


"It was it was the third months you was away that it happened and Luke was being really supportive whilst you was gone and plus we was all out getting drunk that I kissed Luke and I know I shouldn't have but things lead to another and for two weeks we stayed in the same hotel room and messed around... That was until you came back and told me you was sorry and I've felt nothing but guilt since... I was never sober whilst having sex with Luke because we would just order champagne after champagne" I explained and I saw the tears fall from Ashton's eyes. My heart broke in my chest and I wish I had told him sooner then all this wouldn't have happened.

"I don't know what to say... Other then I need some air" he said and walked away from me. The tears fell like a river from my eyes as I banged my head repeatedly against the wall. I slowly stood up and walked out the bathroom. I looked to see thousands of Twitter notification all the way down my phone. All hate and how much of a whore I am. I couldn't take there stupid fans hatred anymore. I swung my arm back and through my phone Against the wall. I pealed my the top over my head and got dressed properly. I slipped into my tartans ballets pumps and grabbed my now smashed phone and keys before leaving the house. I hung my head as I walked down the porch but nothing could drowned the pain that was rushing through my brain.

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