You Can't Forgive My Sins - AI

Squeal to You Can't Heal My Scars....

Gina's and Ashton's relationship is going smoothly and well nothing could be better for this happy married couple but when news of a baby arrives. Everything Gina was trying to forget about that secret night her and Luke spent is coming back alive and will Ashton understand if the truth comes to light....


8. Chapter 6 - Party Time (Part 2)

Chapter 6 - Party Time (part 2)


Ashton's POV:


I comb my hair quickly and throw on my fedora, neaten my clothes and leave my bedroom. Gina has been super distant all day. I a line all the bottles into order and pour the snacks into bowls. I caught the sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs. "Ashton" Gina called from the living room. I put down the opened packet of pizza shapes and walked into the living room. I saw Gina standing looking out of the window, her hair in a messy bun with a burgundy bandana tided round her head. Black knee length boots, ripened black and white tie dyed shorts and her burgundy flower patterned top with a silk white vest underneath. She looked absolutely stunning but the bags under eyes from where you could see how troubled she was, caught my attention. "Are you okay?" I asked breaking her from her deep thoughts.
"Yep and I'm sorry that you was left with everything along with the boys and the girls" she apologised. I smiled and took her into my arms and kissed the top of her head. 
"So what's up with you today Gina" I asked and I felt her tense in my arms. 
"I just felt sick and had really bad stomach cramps, plus I haven't had my period yet so it might be starting" she answered but very hesitantly. Gina hardly ever hesitates when we are talking unless she's lying which is highly unlikely. I check the time and see its gone past 8:30 so people should be arriving soon. I hear the door bell and Gina's upset look turned into a smile and I could tell she was super excited about the party now. She practically sprinted to the door and swung it open to Kia and Michael stood there with their booze and present. "Happy home warming!!" Kia yelled pulling Gina into her arms. 
"Here mate " Michael said handing me the bag and booze. 
"Cheers Clifford" I smiled. I took the boozes into the kitchen and placed them onto the counter. 

Hours passed and the house was crammed with family members, people we knew like Alex Gaskarth and Andy Biersack. Gina was God knows where probably drinking and gossiping with e girls. I feel a tap on my arm, so I turn my head and see Gina arguing with Luke. What the hell is going on there. "Callum ?" I say and he turns his drunk towards me.
"Yeah man" he slurrs and I giggle slightly. 
"Why is Luke and Gina arguing ?" I ask kind of forgetting Gina is my wife. 
"Dude go ask her then she is your wife?" He said and I nodded and began walking her direction.
"Is everything okay babe" I say trying not to giggle my head of because how much alcohol had passed through my system. 
"Yeah I was just telling Luke about something Ashton.. Why not go find the others" she said and I could tell she didn't want to talk about with me so I left her be. I walked into the kitchen and got more cans for me to sit a drink. I don't know why but I can sense something is extremely wrong with Gina and yet I'm scared to asked what the hell is actually going on with her. I cracked open my can and took a large sip. I sat quietly watching Luke and Gina argue like something was terribly wrong and I couldn't help but wonder if they were secretly having an affair. 


Gina's POV:


"What do you mean your pregnant ?" Luke yelled over the music.
"Like I just said I'm pregnant Luke and there is a possibility it's yours if you don't remember that drunk night at the motel" I screamed back. God can't this boy get anything through his thick skull.
"Have you told ash yet?" He asked and I shook my head. I honestly have no Idea to tell him..
"And say something like, Hi babe, just to let you know I'm pregnant and its either yours or your best mates... Very funny Luke that would more likely get me a divorce and paparazzi on my door" I said, throwing my hands up in the air. I swear to god this boy is soooo hard to talk to. I head to the kitchen and see a point of what looks like coke cola and I take a large sip. I feel the burning of vodka down my throat and I mentally slap myself for not smelling it first. "Gina" Kia yelled and I turned round in her direction. 
"Yeah" I smile and hug her, she seems a little tense and I look slightly confused at her.
"Did I hear it right but are you pregnant" she asked and I gasp... How the hell does she know?
"Um.... No" I hesitate
"Don't lie to me" she snapped and I pulled her into the downstairs bathroom. She hugged me tightly and smiled.
"Congratulations Gina, I bet Ashton is so happy" she smiled and practically screamed.
"He doesn't know yet" I replied and looked at the floor. I felt a slight tap on my shoulder and I signed. I slowly looked up and Kia smiled at me. 
"He needs to know and is he actually the dad because I remember you coming to me crying about the whole Luke situation" she said quietly.
"To be honest I don't know but I'm going to tell Ashton as soon as I can and I'm pretty sure that it is Ashton's and Luke will be happy for us" I replied and took another sip of my drink. 
"Okay let go party" Kia yelled and I agreed. We left the bathroom and headed to the living room to start dancing. I felt a pair of arms wrap round my waist and I soft kiss placed on my neck. "I love you Gina" Ashton's drunk voice slurred.
"I love you too Ash" I smiled and he giggled cutely. I don't know how I'm going to get the courage to tell him I'm pregnant and that he is a possible father. He's my husband for god sake and if I can't make up the balls to tell him the truth then he shouldn't know at all. 

Ashtons POV:


Gina makes me soon happy and this isn't the booze talking but the truth. I also get the feeling like their is something important she needs to tell me but won't cause she's afraid it will hurt me. I love her way to God damn much for me to loose her and I feel like that is what is happening right now and I can't stand it. She is my world, my life and I'd die if I lost her. I noticed her dancing with Kia and this was my shot. I sneaked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her tiny waist and sweetly kissed her neck. "I love you" I slurred. 
"I love you too ash" she replied and I giggled causing her to smile. She has such an adorable smile and that what keeps me going and loving her more. 


Luke's POV:


Why Gina ? Why? Did you have to spring such a thing on me. You know how much I love you and always have but to find out that I'm the potential father to your unborn child drives me insane. I'm the only one who knows well except Kia now and I can't help but watch Gina and Ash play happy married couple when actually there marriage isn't all but happy. I've lost Faye  and maybe Jacob and I'm not going to loose my possible unborn baby too. Gina needs to find out who the dad is so I can get my life back into order. Which reminds me I promised Jacob I'd check on him. I leave Ashton's house and I head next door to mine. I open the door and two tiny hands grip round my leg and attach to me. "Daddy's home" Jacobs sweet voice called. 
"Hi big boy" I replied and picked him up into my arms. 
"I missed you" he smiled and kissed my cheek.
"I missed you too jake, now let get into bed little monster" I giggled and began tickling him. I carried him up stairs and into his room. I pulled back the dinosaurs covers and laid him down. He pulled his covers over him and closed his big blue eyes. "Night my little monster" I hushed and Kissed his forehead.
"Night daddy, I love you" he whispered then yawned.
"I love you too" I said and closed his bed room door.

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