You Can't Forgive My Sins - AI

Squeal to You Can't Heal My Scars....

Gina's and Ashton's relationship is going smoothly and well nothing could be better for this happy married couple but when news of a baby arrives. Everything Gina was trying to forget about that secret night her and Luke spent is coming back alive and will Ashton understand if the truth comes to light....


6. Chapter 4 - Shopping Drama

Chapter 4 - Shopping Drama


Ashton's P.O.V


I wake up this morning knowing that me and the boys are being dragged out shopping with Gina and the girls so we can help with the party stuff. Why is beyond me ? I get out of bed and head to the shower and peal of my clothes before turning it on and letting my body soak in the warm water. I hear the door open and close again and a small feminine figure apprear in the steamed up window. "Gina?" I called lightly.

"Yeah babe?" She replied and I watched her remove her clothes and open the shower door and climb in. My eye rake over her perfect body in awe's and she blushed lightly.

"Like what you see?" she asked cheekily and I nodded in agreement. I pulled her into my arms and started to kiss her neck lightly and sweetly while sucking on the sweet spot, soothing it with my tongue. Moans break out from her mouth and I smile when her hands attack my hair, tugging gently. I pull away from her neck and capture her lips with mine. The kiss was sweet but soon started to get rough and needy. I picked her up and pressed her against the shower wall, my lips not leaving hers once. I felt her small hands take my member into her hands and slowly pump the shaft. Groans fall from lips and my breathing hitched as she placed it at her enterance. I slide myself into her and started pounding hard and fast. Sweet moans and manly groans fill the room as I thrusts into Gina. Her hands rake up and down my back, clawing gently. Her lips connect with mine and I instandly slide in my tongue, taking control and explore every inch of her mouth. I feel her hips buckle and thurst hard causing me to go deeper inside her and her moans louden. I groan as i feel every inch of her body relax as her load to cover my dick as i release my loud into her. I slowly put her down onto her feet and hold her while she catches her breath. I grab the shower gel and begin washing her body then taking the shampoo and conditioner and washing her hair. I let her rinse the bubble from her body and hair while i quickly wash myself. I start to giggle slightly catching Gina's attention. "What?" she asked and I laughed even more.

"You have a bubble beard" I giggled and wiped the bubbles from her face. She groaned and smacked my chest gently. Gina turned the shower off and got out taking my towel with her. 

"That's mine" I yelled after her. 

"I know" she giggled and walked into the bedroom. I got out of the shower and searches for another towel. I wrapped it around my lower half and entered the bedroom. I watched as she slowly pulled up her thong and fastened her matching bra, pushing the straps up her arm. 

"This is the first time we've had sex in this house and that hichy on your neck is huge" I say, catching her attention. she looked at her neck in the mirror as a multicoloured bruise forms on her neck. 

"Ashton were not teens anymore, no need for the giant hickey" she snapped. I let out a sigh and head to my wardrobe. I get dressed and I hear the bedroom door slam. what the hell is up with her? I fasten my converse and tie the bandana around my head and walk out of the room. I hear a knock at the door and sprint down stairs to answer it. I see the postman standing there with a parcel for me. "Ashton Irwin" the postman asks, I nod.

"Sign here please" he asks and I sign the little box and take my parcel closing the door in his face. I sit on the sofa and open the box entitled my name. I rummage through the little plastic protective bits to see the custom made jewellery box I bought Gina for the house warming party.

I quickly hide the box when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. "Who was at the door?" Gina asked with a questioning look on her face. 

"The post man, he delivered the post and a package" I said holding up the second package addressed in Gina's name. 

"Oh that's mine?" She said in a scared tone and snatched the box out of my hand. I pouted and she giggled sweetly, looks like she's in a better mood now. I think she might be due to start her period as this is what she's normally like before she starts. 

"What is it?" I asked and she shook her head and kissed my lips before heading back up stairs. I quickly pulled out the jewellery box and put it back into the gift box. I check the time and see its 12:30pm. "Shit!!!" I curse and quickly yell Gina downstairs. 

"We're half an hour late babe for meeting everyone" I say ushering her out of the door and into the car. 


We finally arrive a the shopping mall to see everyone waiting for us with a bit of a pissed of faces. Gina rushed out of the car and apologised for our lateness, blaming it on the postman which made me chuckle. Everyone understood and we adventures into the jungle AKA the mall. As we entered a loud scream of adoring fans corrupted the entire mall. Me and the lads went to greet fan while the girl went food and drink shopping. 

"What's up with Gina??" Michael asked while I signed a few autographs. 

"It that time of the month I think" I answered while shrugging my shoulders. 

"She seems tense" Luke answered with an odd cracking sound in his voice. 

"She'll be alright, after all she's been through" I smile and continue taking pictures and signing autographs. 

After the fans left we went on a hunt to find the girls which actually didn't take as long as we thought. everyone but Gina was in the supermarket. "Where is Gina?" I asked a little concerned. 

"She need to go to the pharmacy for something but she didn't say what?" Kia replied. why would Gina need to go to the pharmacy without telling me what was up? I let that thought slip through my mind and began to help everyone shop. Me and the boys pushed the trolleys with the little rascals in while the girls put things into the trolleys from the long list Gina wrote up. 

Hours passed and we still wasn't finished shopping. 22 bags from the supermarket, 4 bags of decorations, 2 bags of plastic cups and plates and still no Gina! "What the holy hell is going on with that girl?" I asked my inner self. I catch a glimpse of Gina's bright ruby hair and I run over to her. 

"Babe are you okay?" I asked her and she looks in pure heartbreak and torment. I took hold her hand which caused her to look at me. 

"Um... I've never been better" she hesitatingly replied. 

"Do you need a coffee?" I questioned and she nodded. I told the gang to follow us to Starbucks while me and Gina walked ahead. 


Gina's P.O.V


Ashton walked me to Starbucks while my head spin with thoughts of what the doctor just told me. 


*flash back*


"Kia I need to bob to the pharmacy so I'll meet you at the supermarket after ?" I told her and she nodded, I handed her the list of what we needed and I left them to go to the pharmacy. I scanned the the aisle looking for what I was in search for. 

"May I help you?" The smartly dressed man asked. 

"Hmm I'm looking for something that will give me an answer to all my problems" I replied and I think he caught a hint of what I meant and took one of the shelf and took me into the doctors office. 

"I'm Doctor Self and is this what your looking for ?" He asked and I nodded with slight embarrassment. 

"Hop onto the bed and I'll examine your belly" he told me and I did as I was asked. I laid on the doctors bed and lifted my top slightly. He prodded at my belly causing me to wince slightly and a strange look appeared on his face.

"Read the instructions on this and enter that little room there and do what you need to do. bring it back out and I'll tell you the result." he said and I nodded, taking the box from his hand and walking into the little white room. I opened the box and read the instruction. I pulled the pink cap off the stick and unzipped my trousers. I followed the instructions and peed on the stick. I wiped myself and pulled my jeans and thong back up. I placed the cap back on the stick and flushed the toilet. 

"The instructions say I should wait 3 to 5 minutes" I told the doctor and be nodded and I handed him the stick wrapped in toilet paper. 

3 minutes passed and I saw the doctors face stare at the stick intensely. "Oh God! I'm starting to shake" I thought and looked at the doctor who had finally caught the full result. "I don't know wether to say congratulation or I'm sorry but you are....


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