You Can't Forgive My Sins - AI

Squeal to You Can't Heal My Scars....

Gina's and Ashton's relationship is going smoothly and well nothing could be better for this happy married couple but when news of a baby arrives. Everything Gina was trying to forget about that secret night her and Luke spent is coming back alive and will Ashton understand if the truth comes to light....


4. Chapter 2 - Swearing Jacob

Chapter 2 - Swearing Jacob


Ashton's POV

I woke up to a groaning Gina. I laughed at her, earning a hard slap across my bare chest. "Morning my hung over princess" I smile and kiss the top of her head. I pull away from her and head downstairs for a glass of water and some painkillers. I grab a glass from the top cupboard and turn the forcet, letting the cold water run for a while before i place the cup underneath the forcet. I watch the water fill the glass before turning the forcet off. I raid the medicine for some penicilling, I pop two tablets into my hand and walk back to our room. I slightly push the bedroom door, catching a snuggles up Gina fast asleep. i sneak over to the bed, placing the glass and painkiller on the bedside table. I gently lean over near Gina's ear and yells "WAKE UP!!!!".

"Fuck!" she groaned. She slowly opens her eyes and glared at me. I handed her the glass of water and the two painkillers before climbing onto the bed, letting Gina cuddle into me. She takes the painkiller after taking a sip if water from her glass.

"You owe me sex" I whisper into her ear, quickly catching a glance of blush appear on her cheeks and the light shiver she does.

"Sorry Ash but I'm hung over" She says trying to use it as an excuse.

"Haha... like that has ever stopped us before plus we need to christen this house" I smile, watching her face palm a couple of time. I erupted into laughter. Gina complained and rolled off me and onto her side of the bed, making me giggle slightly. I look at her and place a gentle kiss on her temple and she smiled slighty.

"Better?" I asked and she nodded, closing her eyes falling back into her slumber. I snap a picture and uploaded it onto twitter and instagram, Tagging the boys and lasses in it of cause. I climb out of the bed, finding some clean jeans and a top, pulling them on. I left the house going to the record studio in the garden. I enter the studio and take my place on my drum stool "Hows Gina?" Cal asked tuning his guitar.

"Hungover to the max" I reply with a tiny smile on my face.

"Where's Luke?" Mikey asked looking up from his guitar.

"Probably arguing with Faye" Calum commented.

"Yes" Luke said entering the studio with a glum look upon his face.

"What was it about now?" I ask slightly worried as Faye's family but Luke doesn't deserve any of this.

"Over who's looking after Jacob today" He answered. Luke and Faye got engaded then Jacob come along and well they fell apart. Faye is sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry... Wait speaking of Harry, luke actually caught them having sex after the concert in LA. Yeah that didn't end so good on Harry's part ,well two black eyes and a broken nose later.  So recently shes been sleeping around with this guy name Kaleb, who attended our concert once with his little sister. Luke has been trying his bloody hardest to make it work for Jacobs sake and to be honest its killing inside and out.

"She needs to sort herself out" Mikey spoke.

"I agree, she maybe family but what she is doing is wrong on so many levels to be honest Gina doesn't even know or if she does. she doesnt speak about it" I pip in and Luke lets out a heavy sigh. I catch a small knock on the door. Cal opens the door and a blonde haired, green eyes boy comes running in.

"Daddy" Jacob yelled, running over to Luke.

"Hey uncle Ash, Cal, Mike" his small voice smiled to us.

"Hey Jacob, wanna sit on Uncle Ash's knee and play the drums" I suggest, he nods and Luke mouths 'Thank You' before leaving the studio to talk to faye.

"Mummy's going to fuck Kaleb" His small 6 year old voice says. I gasp, Michael and Calum are on the floor with tears streaming down their faces with how much they're laughing.

"Where did you learn that word?" I asked slightly shocked.

"Daddy yells it at mummy and she yell Go fuck aunty Gina" He replied.

"What?" I say even more shocked and the boys stop laughing instantly and look at me then Jacob.

"Never repeat those words to anyone okay" Calum tell him and Jacob nods. Luke enters and Jacob looks at me.

"Daddy?" Jacob called.

"Yes Jake" 

"Uncle Cal told me to never say Mummy is going to Fuck kaleb again" The 6 year old repeats again.

"Michael what have you been teaching my son" Luke turns to Mikey.

"Hey! I'm not guilty for once, Jake came straight out with it" Michaell explains.

"Jacob thats naughty language" Luke yells at him.

"But you say it to mummy" 

"I'm an adult! Your a child" Luke raises his vioce.

"Luke calm down" I pip in causing him to look at me then his slightly scared son.

"Jacob lets go see if aunty Kia and the twins want to play" Michael offers and takes hold of Jacobs small hand, leading him to his house.

"I can't do it anymore" Luke sobs into his hands.

"She needs to leave" Cal adds.

"But she'll take Jacob" He cries harder.

"She won't, plus the judge wont at all let him go with an unfit monther" I say kind of harshly.

"What are you guys saying?" He asks.

"Your going to take faye to court for the custady of Jacob" I say smiling wickedly.


Luke's POV

I woke this morning to an empty double bed to myself. To be honest it doesnt surprise me as me and Faye havent slept in the same room till Jacob was born and she desided to go fuck Harry Styles at one of our concerts. I growl slightly as the memory comes back to me like it was yesterday.


~Flash Back~

"Thanks you and Goodnight LA" Ashton says into his mic.

"Bye you amazing people" MIkey smiles.

"We love every single one of you, parents, fans, what ever you are we love you" Calum yelled.

"We've had an amazing time on this tour and I can't wait to see what happens next, Later guys" I say and begin to head off of the stage. I smile when I see all the girls waiting back stage for us. I notice a little Blonde haired boy come sort of running towards me.

"Dadda" his little 2 year old vioce says.

"Jacobs, My little man" I smile and pick him up. He hugs me tightly and kissed my cheek. God he's so cute. I look around for Faye but she wasnt around. I look at Gina and she just strugs her shoulders.

"Hand him here and go look for her" Gina says taking hold of Jacob for me. I nod and head in the direction of the dressing rooms. I search every room that I could see till I caught a very familliar moan coming from Harry Styles dressing room. I knocked on the door. No answer. I knocked again. No answer. I oped the door slightly and followed the sound of the moaning when i come to the bathroom. I press my ear against the door and listen in. Okay I know this is wrong but still I know that moan. "OH HARRY HARDER, DEEPER. FUCK YOUR GOOD" Fayes voice rang through my ears. I slam the door open and look at her with hurt in my eyes.

"Luke... Its not what... well it what it looks like" Faye replied. I pulled Harry off of her and slammed my fist several time into his face. By the time the sercurity guys had turned up from Faye screaming, Harry's face was covered in blood and so was my knuckles. I felt strong arms pull me off of harrys unconcious body as i kicked my legs.

"YOU FUCKING SLUT FAYE... WHAT ABOUT JACOB? WHAT ABOUT ME?" I yell at her. She looked at me with tears streaming down her face as she looked at Harrys body be carried into an abulance. Let me put it this way the 1D boys was a member short and when the boys found they didnt blame me either. When Jacob came running up to me, I just picked him up and held him tight. letting the tears pour out from my eyes.

"Did mummy do something back with Uncle Harry" Jacob asked.

"He's no longer your Uncle anymore Jacob" I cry and notice Faye walk over to me with her eyes on the floor.

"Jacob we're going home, don't you dare follow us Faye or I will hurt you as well" I warn her as walk me and Jacob away from her.

~End of Flash Back~


I wipe my eyes and clamber out of bed. I quickly brush my teeth and comb my hair into the famous quiff. I pull on my Green day top and skiinny jeans. fastening my Converse before heading downstairs to greet the ever so nice slag. "Luke will you look after Jacob today?" She asked not making eye contact with me.

"Why so you can fuck Kaleb?" I asked harshly.


"Don't lie Faye we both know you are"

"Fine but please look after Jacob?"

"I've looked after him this whole fucking week Faye for once you look after your son who you also helped bring into this world"

"Well i wouldn't fuck other guys if my boyfriend would look at me like he used to do before.."

"Before you shagged harry or was it Jack first"

"Fuck you Luke... why don't you go fuck Gina like you've always wanted to do"

"SHUT UP YOU STUPID SLAG" I yell and slam the back door in her face. I head across the garden to the studio when I hear Cal comment about me arguing with faye.

"Yes" I say and cause them to look in my direction. I frown and walk towards my guitar.

"What was it about now?" Ash asked and i sighed heavy not really wanting to talk about it but i really needed to vent my anger into something or some people.

"Over who's looking after Jake today" I answer the question and pick up my guitar. I begin to tune it as the room went silent for a while when Mikey spoke to break the silence.

"She needs to sort herself out"

"I agree, she maybe family but what she is doing is wrong on so many levels to be honest Gina doesn't even know or if she does. she doesnt speak about it" Ash adds making me smile slightly. I hear the door open thena few seconds later the 6 year old blonde boy comes running over to me yelling "Daddy".

"Hey Uncle Ash, Cal and Mike" He smiles to the boys and I know full well Faye needs a word.

"Hey Jacob, wanna sit on Uncle Ash's knee and play the drums" Ashton suggests and I mouth a quick 'thank you' before heading into the garden where Faye was stood smoking her stupid cigerettes.

"Why is he with me?" I snap.

"Please Luke" She begged.

"Fuck off Faye, I always have the fucking kid, for one you look after him. HE IS YOU SON TOO" I shout at her, she trembles slightly but it doesnt bother me.

"Luke, please. I need to speak to Kaleb"

"No fuck him more like"

"How about you just fucking move in with him saves me and you all these fucking arguements about whos looking after Jacob"

"If I moved out... I'd take Jake with me and you know that. Isn't that why we agreed to live together till Jacob was old enough to make up his own decisions"

"Go Faye but i swear this is the last time i'm doing anything nice for you... You stupid slag"

"I'm not a slag" she sighed and walked away towards the garden gate. I turned back round and headed to the studio. I opened the door and Jacob called me. "Daddy"

"Yes Jake" I reply.

"Uncle Cal told me to never say Mummy is going to fuck Kaleb again" He tells me causing me to look at mikey instantly.

"Mikey what have you been teaching my son?" I slightly yell at him.

"Hey! I'm not guilty for once, Jake came straight out with it" Michaell explains.

"Jacob thats a naught language" I yell at Jacob slightly causing to look slightly upset.

"But you say it to Mummy"

"I'm an Adult.! Your a child" I shout at him causing a few tears to fall out of his emerald green eyes like his mothers.

"Luke calm down" Ash say and I instantly feel like breaking down and crying. Michael says something about taking Jacob to see if the twins wanna play and I collapse onto my knees and sob into my hands.

"I can't do it Anymore"  I sob harder.

"She needs to leave" Cal adds.

"But she'll take Jacob" I cry knowin full well she will.

"She won't, plus the judge won't let him go with an unfit mother" Ash says causing me to look up.

"What are you Guys saying?" I ask slightly confused.

"You are gonna take Faye to court and get custady of jacob" Ash says smiling and I slightly cheer up a bit. I stand up and rub my knees. I swear I need to win Jacob then Faye can leave and never and I repeat NEVER come back into my life again.

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