You Can't Forgive My Sins - AI

Squeal to You Can't Heal My Scars....

Gina's and Ashton's relationship is going smoothly and well nothing could be better for this happy married couple but when news of a baby arrives. Everything Gina was trying to forget about that secret night her and Luke spent is coming back alive and will Ashton understand if the truth comes to light....


3. Chapter 1 - Three Years

Chapter 1 - Three Years


Gina's POV

It's been three since me and Ashton got married and it seem like only yesterday. Its been three years of good and bad times but the memories are as clear as anything in my mind. I walk round our empty appartment and laugh as I notice the dint in the bedroom wall. Its not what you think actually Calum and Ashton was fighting and Ashton fell and head butted the wall.


- Flash Back

"Calum I'm going to kill you" I hear Ashton say from the bedroom.

"In your dream Irwin" Calum called back. I laughed and walked out of the kitchen and went to see what was going on down in the bedroom. I open the door to see Ash and Cal play fighting on the bed. I chuckle a little and continue to watch.

"You dick head" Ashton cursed and Cal began to piss himself with laughter. I see Ash supplex Cal and I new by the end of it the brand new bed was going to be broke before we even got to sleep in it.

"Guys stop fighting or the bed is going to break" I say and the boys look at me standing in the door frame.

"Theres time for breaking the bed later babe but I need to kick Cal ass" Ashton said causing me to blush. Cal began to laugh and took this opitunity to push Ashton off the bed. Ashton body went flying into the wall causing me to laugh then I suddenly stoped when Ash didnt move or open his eyes. I ran over to his side and shuck his body vigurously trying to wake up then I felt to familliar arms wrap round me waist and pulls me into a deep and passionate kiss. I kiss back the pull away to slap his chest.

"I thought you had died" I say wiping away the slight tears in my eyes.

"I would never leave you alone with that creep" He said pointing to calum pissing himself with laughter.

"Your a dick ash you know that" I say and he nods and kisses me again.

"But you love me" He smiles cheekily.

"Forever and Always" I smile back to him.

Flash Back Ends -


I continue to look round the empty appartment and remember all the fun times we have in here like the time Michael got absolutely drunk and began dry humping the Tv. Or the time when Kia brought the kids round for a play date with Faye's and Jacob (Kia's youngest) swore and all we could do was laugh because Mikey does nothing but swear at the xbox. We bought this appartment the day after our honeymoon finished and wasnt that a interesting day.


- Flash Back

"Gina you need to go meet Ashton?" My dad called from downstairs. I look at my clock on my phone and sprint out of bed, taking a quick shower, drying and straightening my hair. Doing my make-up then getting dressed luckily I planed my outfit last night. I fastened my converse then left the house to go to the realistates to meet Ash.

"Finally" Ash say as I turn round the corner. I look at him shocked when I realise that we're stood outside the appartment building with a great view of Sydney Opera house.

"Why are we here?" I ask him and give me the look that said 'this is our new home'. I smile and hugged him before we entered the building. He showed me the paper and our new appartment is 5B which is on the top floor with the best view. We opened the door and my mouth hung open. The floor was tatty the wallpaper was vintage and it smelt like a grandma's handbag. "Wow" I gasp in horror.

"Really?" I said looking at him.

"It will work please I will get people to come and fix the electric, water, flooring and smell" He said having it all mapped out in his head. I swear I may never know what actually goes on in side there. We enter the appartment and i got straight to the bedroom which was massive. The bathroom wasnt bad either. I opened windows in each room to reduce the smell. I looked a round a bit more and noticed a little door on the left which must be the boiler room or broom closet. I opened a let out a high pitched screech. Ashton came running to me and pulled a disgusted face when he saw the rotting food pilled at the bottome of the closet.

"That disgusted" I said holding my nose.

"Who used to live here?" He said out loud.

"I dont wanna live here" I said looking up at him. He looked down at me with a smirk on his face. I slapped him and cursed.

"You bought it already... Ash!" I yell and he just being to laugh.

"Welcome home Baby"

"I'm not moving in till this place is perfect and has furnature" I say and he nods before pulling out his phone and handing me another set of keys. Great I'm going to be living with dad till this house gets done.

Flash Back Ends -


To my surprise Ashton got this appartment sorted within two week which was good and we've spent the past three years here but today is the day we move out and by a house. That the boys has made so we could all live together under one roof sort of. We all have live our own house next to each other. So the boys can still practise in the recording studio in the graden and we all share one big garden which has a pool, BBQ, tree house, swing, slide for the kid to be honest its perfect for us and the boys to live in. "Gina C'mon" I hear Ashton yell and i leave the appartment, closing and locking the door behind me. "Goodbye Memories" I say as i walk down the concreate stairs. I leave the appartment building and climb into the car. Ash gives me a quick kiss on the cheek and start the car. "You excisted baby" He smiles and takes hold of my hand, squeezing it gently.

"Really but I can't believe we're leaving our memories in that appartment" I say feeling a lumo form in my throat.

"We can always go back" He said but i shook my head. I love that appartment but I love Ashton more and I guess at the end of the day he need to work on a new Album before the new year which is in a couple of days.

We pull up outside the beautiful white building that say 5 Seconds Of Summer property. I smile when I seen Mr and Mrs Irwin in gold on a black plate on the wall of our house. I point and Ash nods. We pull into our drive and I open the door, looking up at the grand house infront of me.
"Wow" I say speechless.

"You said that to the last place with lived" He laughed and I slaped him playfully. He unlocked the door and went back to the car to collect the bit we brought with us like clothes, and bits and bats. I enter the house and my mouth drops to the floor. This place is amazingly beautiful. I trail my hand across the white leather sofa. Im speechless. I walk to the kitchen and gasp. The counter are white marble and polished, the fidge is full with food and the oven is black but works well with the black accressories. I head up stairs and look round the bathrom and guest rooms. I eventually find the master bedroom and I collaspe onto the bed.

"Babe are you okay?" Ash yelled from downstairs.

"Nope... I'm slowly dying.. This house is gorgeous and amazing" I call back and Ashton walks into the room.

"Just like someone else I know" He says walking over to the bed and climbs on after taking off his shoes. I cuddle into his chest and kiss his cheek.

"I love you Mr Irwin" I smile and take hold of his hand tangling our fingers together.

"I love you Mrs Irwin" He say just as the door bell rings.

"We have a door bell" I say running downstair and I swing the door open to see Kai standing ther with Faye and Tina behind her. I scream and hug them all. I invite them in and we all head to the kitchen for a glass of wine except Tina who is 3 months pregnant. I pour the wine and Orange juice into the glasses and hand them to the girls.

"Where are the kids?" I asked and they smiled.

"In the garden playing catch" Kai says as i hear Ashton walk downstairs. I smile when he enters the kitchen and kisses my cheek.

"I'm going to say hi to the boys" He smile and i nod.

"Okay, don't come home to late though" I say and he kisses me goodbye before head into the yard.

"Oh girls don't get her too drunk" He says and the girls nod. We get talking about everything and anything to be honest it was mostly abouth thing to do with kids or babies. I smile slowly and protend to be interested in the topic but I really don't want kids any time soon let alone have then running around the house.

"Gina?" Kia said nudging me.

"Yes" I say looking at her.

"You blanked our for a few minute" Tina added.

"Sorry, i was just thinking" I smile.

"Do you want children?" Faye asked, I shook my head and left the living room for another drink. I sat in the kitchen and thought 'fuck the glass' and began drinking the wine from the bottle. This was going to be a very interesting night I can tell you that for sure.

Hours passed and the girls left slightly drunk while me on the other hand was completely smash. I finished the bottle of wine I was currently drinking when Ashton entered the kitchen from the back door. "ASHY" I yelled and slurred. He groaned and walked over to me taking the bottle from my hand.

"I told them not to let you get wasted" He said kind of pissed of. I pouted and he smiled.

"Baby I'm horny" I whisper into his ear.

"Oh god" He gulped and sorted out his jeans. I smile and unbluckle the belt.

"Need help with that Ashy" I ask and he nods again taking another gulp. I grab hold of his hand and pull him upstair to our room and push him onto the bed. I remove my top and watch him pull his off. As I climb onto the bed I feel myself get sleepy and darkness fills my vision.


Ashton's POV


I get home form playing a few game with the boys to see Gina completely wasted. "ASHY" Gina said in her cute drunken baby voice. I stormed over to her and grabbed the bottle from her hand. I drop it into the trash and let a pissed off sigh fall out of my mouth.

"I told them not to let you get wasted" I snap and she pouts which I smile at, she come closer to me and get onto her tipy toes and whispers into my ears.

"Baby I'm horny" I gulp and feel my jeans tighten around my crotch area. She giggles and notices me adjusting my jeans.

"Need help with that Ashy" She asks in her baby voice and I nod taking another gulp. Gina taked hold of my and drags my up the stairs to our room and pushed me onto the bed. She pulls off her top revealing her red with black laced bra. I feel myself get harder in my jeans and I pratically rip the top off my body. She climbs onto the bed and hovers over me when I feel her weight crash onto me. I look a see her sleeping.

"FUCK" I curse.

"This is why I hate you drunk" I say outloud.

I pull off her jeans and through them on the floor along with mine. I run downstairs and lock the front and back door before going back to bed and pull Gina into my side and allowing her to cuddle into me while we fall asleep. "I swear Gina.. You going to get fucked so hard tomorrow you wont be able to walk" I whisper into her eyes and catch her shudder slightly and close my eyes, feeling the sleep take over me.

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