Playing with hearts

Moving countries was harder than I thought. My names Jolene but I prefer to be called Jo. Well at least that's what everyone calls me back in America. Moving to the UK is a weird transition. New school. New friends. New weather. It was going to be hard especially since the trouble maker and I acquainted. One thing for sure, it's going to be an emotional roller coaster; and not the fun kind.


25. The Drastic Party

~~Shawn's P.O.V

"DO IT! DO IT! DO IT" The crowd chanted as Jakes downs a massive bottle of vodka. Yes he was drunk but now he was even more drunk.

I was leaving tomorrow morning. We decided that the boys would go to London to start rehearsing but then come back for Prom.

The Parents were all out for dinner and the rest of us were all partying. Including everyone's siblings.

I had alcohol but not much.

Midnight. It was 12. "Guys I got to go. Ill see you guys soon yea."

"Aww you have to leave now?" Jo said.

Me and Jo had become really close friends. Best friends. Im glad I met her.

"Yea I have an early flight tomorrow. You guys have fun though."

"Okay fine. Safe flight."

"Don't miss us too much."

"Love you. Text when you set off and arrive at the US."

"Ha well ill see you later anyways. Here are my keys. Chris will take me home." I took the keys and said my last goodbyes.

Jo's P.O.V

Shawn left and the party was a hit. It still was.

We were all bored. Me, Taylor, Nikki, Emily, Ruvini, Sam, Chris, Tom, Casey, Charlie, Reece, Barlcay, Jake and James.

"How about we just all talk?" Jake asked.

" Since some us are drunk. I guess." Charlie said.

"Okay who first?" Taylor asked.

"Why don't we make this better?" Reece asked.

"How?" Sam asked.

I had an idea.


"Yea." Ruvini said.

"Ill start. I hate olives." Sam said making us laugh.

"Cuz. We know that."  Reece said.

"Oh ahahah."

"I have one." We all turned to look at James.

"I love you Ruvini."

"Love you too James."

"Im really glad we met you guys. Always there. If we didn't, then touring with Shawn wouldn't have happened. I would have never met Nikki and well Barclay and Jo would have never gone out." Tom said.

"I agree." I said with a smile as I sat on Barcs lap. All the girls sat like that or near to that with their boyfriends.

"That's such a big joke." We heard Jake say.

Everyone turned to look at Jake. Confused. I tilted my head a bit.

"What are you on about Jake?" Emily asked.

"Should I tell them?" He asked looking at the boys.

"Mate. I think you should stop drinking." Casey said.

"No. Uh- uh."

"Barclay. Shall we?" He said.

I turned to Barclay. Scared of what he will say.

"Whats he on about?" I asked looking at Barclay as I got of him.

"Im confused." Tom said.

"Me too. Tell us Jake." Nikki said.

"Dude please don't. Forget about it." Barclay said sternly.

"It was a bet."

"What was?" Taylor asked.

"Jake come on Casey will take you home." Reece said as he tried picking up Jake.

"Get of me! To date you Jo. I made a bet with him." He responded.

"WHAT?!" Me the girls and Tom said angry as they got up.

"Youre kidding right?" I asked with tears brimming down. "Barclay. He's wrong right?" I asked hoping he was wrong.

"I-im sorry." He said holding my hand. I quickly let go and took steps back. "But I really am in love with you!"

"H-how h-how could you?!" I said crying.

I went towards Sam as I cried on her shoulder.

"You areshole!" Tom said as he stormed over to me. Punching me. "Both of you. She doesn't deserve this." Chris and Reece pulled him of Barclay and James and Casey had hold Jake.

By now I had composed myself.

"I cant believe you were doing this behind all of our backs!" Taylor said.

"Just yours." Casey said. "Me and the boys knew."

"What?!" Emily screamed.

"Hold up! The bet was made at my house. Charlie had gone home. I was inside because my mum called me. The next day Chris told us and from then on we didn't want to be part of it. Once it was getting too extreme me and the boys agreed to not be part of it." Reece said.

"Y-you knew?!" Sam said to Chris. "How could you?! T-this is isn't you." She finished of pushing Chris away.

"Please babe."

"Don't touch me." She said as she sat on the patio. By now everyone had left.

"You knew too. Why didn't you tell us?!" Ruvini said.

"Because when the bet started, we were not dating. When we did me and the boys agreed we wouldn't be part of it." James answered trying to get her to understand.

"So how long has this been going on?" Emily asked.

"When school started. Well a month later." Barclay answered.

"THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR NEARLY A YEAR?!" I screamed. "Im so stupid."

"No youre not." Nikki said.

"I cant even look at you." Emily said to Casey who tried talking to her.

"I need to leave." I said.

"Yea me too. Ill give you guys a ride." Emily said to Taylor, Ruvini, Sam and Nikki

"Ill drive us. Come on." Tom said as he took my hand.

"Wait." Sam said. "Does Shawn know?"

"All he knows is it was a bet. He doesn't know when it started or how. So don't have a go at him." Barclay said.

With that we all left.

"Tom?" Tom turned to Jake. "Im sorry."  He continued.

"Babe were sorry okay. Please." Chris said.

"I cant look at you. If we need to then ill call you." Sam said.

"Jo. Im sorry. I actually have fallen for you. I love you. I made Jake end the bet because I love you. Im sorry." Barclay said.

"Come on." Tom said.

I turned to see all the boys with their heads down.

"What about tour?" Nikki asked as we were all at the front.

"I think you should carry on." Ruvini said.

"I don't know." Tom said. "I need to speak with your dad." Tom said looking at Sam.

"Shall I tell my dad about all this?" She asked looking at me.

"Yea and text to let us know what he says." I said. "And I don't think ill stay over tonight."

"Don't worry I understand. Im sorry." She said with a hug.

"Its okay. Night guys." I said as me and Tom hugged them all.

We got in the car and drove of. Home.

Sam's P.O.V

As soon as we got home, I opened the door and shut it after Em came in. She was the last one.

"Hey girlies." My mum said as she hugged us all. "Just in time im making hot chocolate. Shawn just headed up." My mum said.

"Mum wheres dad?" I asked.

"Hes in the office. Why?"

"Can you tell him to meet us in the living room. Ten minutes."

"Uhm yea sure."

 By now we were upstairs.

We were all stood outside Shawns room. The girls had already left their bags in mine.

"Shawn?" Taylor said as she knocked.

He opened the door.

"Oh hey guys?" He said more of like a question.

"Can we talk?" Ruvini asked.

He nodded and we walked in.

"We know."

"About what?"

"The bet."

"Oh, Look im sorry." He said.

"Don't worry. All we came to say was that we know so you don't need to act all to quiet."

"And the boys?"

"We left them. We cant even look at them." Emily  said.

"Well we better go. We will see you in a month or so."  Taylor said as we all left the room.

"So honey what did you want to talk about?" My dad asked as we all sat round him. Mum handing us our cups and sitting next to Nikki.

"Its about the tour sir." Taylor said.

"What about it?"

"Something happened today. Between the boys and Tom. Well mainly between Jo, Barc and Jake."

"And that would be?"

"Jake made a bet that Barclay wouldn't be able to date Jo for a long time. Barclay said he could and well dated her. Jake was drunk admitted it all. And well we also found out the others knew but didn't want to be part of it."

"Wow okay."

"And were mad at them so were not really talking to them. I told Tom and Jo that as soon as you say something, we will let them know."

"All I can say is we will need all 8 boys here. Tomorrow morning to sort this mess out. Oh and Jo." Dad said.

"I agree. What were they even thinking? Is she okay?" Mum asked.

"Yea shes fine. Nikki said.

"But Dad you leave tomorrow."

"Shawn leaves at 6am. He has an interview in London and some shoots. The plane flies out at 1. So I can sort the problem out and go straight to the airport. "

"Oh okay."

"Well you girls better go get some sleep."

" Yea you all will be here too." My dad said. "Night girls"

I sent a text to the others.

To, Jo, Tom, Jake, Casey, Chris, Charlie, Reece, Barclay, James

Be at my house 8am. Don't be late. Meeting with Dad.

Jo- Uhm yea sure.

Tom- Sounds good.

Jake- Coolio

Casey- I'll be there.

Chris- Me too and I am sorry.

Charlie- Sure.

Reece- See you there Cousin.

Barclay- Ok that's fine.

James- Sounds like a plan.

"Lets go to sleep." Ruvini said.

"Yea im exhausted." Emily said as she got in the bed.

"Big day. Big decisions." Taylor said wiping of her make up.

"We will see tomorrow."

"Yea. Night.





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