Playing with hearts

Moving countries was harder than I thought. My names Jolene but I prefer to be called Jo. Well at least that's what everyone calls me back in America. Moving to the UK is a weird transition. New school. New friends. New weather. It was going to be hard especially since the trouble maker and I acquainted. One thing for sure, it's going to be an emotional roller coaster; and not the fun kind.


16. The Date Part 1

~~Shawn's P.O.V

It was now time to go home but I was walking with Jo since we were meeting with the others outside.

"So any plans for tonight? Barclay was saying about you two going on a date?" I questioned.

"Yea we are. At first I thought he was a douche but now I know I should have got to know him. Don't tell the others but im really excited and im looking forward to it." She said.

"I wont."

As we made our way to the school gates we saw the others.

Oh shoot I forgot to tell Sam that I would be staying with her. 

Her dad was working for the label I was signed to so he offered me to stay.

"So shall we go over to my house?" Jo asked the girls.

"Yea lets go."

"Guys want to come over to mine?" Reece asked the boys.

"Yup." They said.

"Shawn what about you?" He asked looking at me.

"Uh yea if you want. But I need my guitar but its at Sam's since im staying there."

Chris's P.O.V

He was staying at her house.

Since when?

"My house?" Sam said.

"Her house?" The girls and guys asked.

"Why?" By now we were all surrounding him.

"Her dad works for the record label and he was at the meeting when they said I had to come to Devon. Then he offered me a room because he only had one child I didn't know it was her."


"Chris don't get jealous. She loves you." Jo whispered.

I smiled back. She always knew what to say.

"Well girlies looks like ill have to meet you there."

"Hey how about I give you guys a lift." Tom offered.

"Sure." Shawn said.

"I'll come to. Shawn you can sit at the front." I said.

Tom just laughed and shook is head.

What? Before I could sit Shawn pulled me to the side.

"Mate don't worry shes all yours shes like a sister to me and well my best friend. So calm down." He laughed.

It was obvious.

We made our way to Sam's house to see a black car parked in the drive way. Tom parked next to it. Looks like her parents are home.

After getting out of the car. I held onto her hand as she opened the door.

"WERE HOME!" Sam screamed.

"WERE IN THE KITHCEN!" Her dad answered back.

Tom led the way into the kitchen. Her mum was cooking and her dad was on the laptop.

"Hi honey." He said as he hugged her.

"Hey dad."

"Hi dear." Her mom said.

"Hi mum." She said giving them both hugs.

"Shawn how was school." Her dad asked.

"It was awesome" He answered her dad nodded.

"Hello boys." She said looking at me and Chris.

"Hello Mrs Stone." (Its Reece's dad and Sam mom who are brothers and sisters.)

"Iv made lunch come sit. ALL of you." We all sat and ate. It was sandwiches. "So what do you want for dinner?" She asked looking at Shawn and Sam.

"It doesn't matter. Shawn is the guest. Ill be home about 6:30 by the way." Sam said.

"Oh okay and why is that?" Her dad asked.

"Well my friend Jo, Toms sister, has a date with Barcs so were joust going over. All the girls."

"And were all going over to Barcs to play music and hangout until he has to go. Shawn is coming too.." Tom said.

I just nodded.

After Lunch, Shawn went to get his guitar. As he made is way down I asked if her parents knew they were pen pals.

"Yea we met." He answered.

We all got in the car and drove to Toms house since Sam was going there. I kissed her good bye and left.

Jo's P.O.V

" Where is she?" I asked.

It had been an hour and it was now 4:30.

"I really don't know." Emily said.

"Im here! Sorry parents." Sam said as she sat on the bed before shutting door.

"What time is he coming?" Ruvini asked?

"He said 7. " I answered.

"Lets get you ready by 6:30. Knowing him he could come early." Nikki said.

They knew Barclay longer so shes right.

--- 5pm---

I had just gotten out of the shower before being dragged to my desk so the girls could do my hair and makeup.

"Wait where is he taking her?" Ruvini asked.

"Hes taking me to bowling and then out to eat."

"Hmm Casual." Sam and Nikki said at the same time.

"Hair up?" Taylor asked the girls as she showed them what she meant."

"Yes!! That's hot on girls. Hed definitely would want her." Emily said.

"Woah!" I said as I got up from the chair. Them all looking at me. "Its a first date. I don't already want him in my pants." I said

"Yet..." Nikki said causing me to blush.

"After an hour of deciding what to wear, how my hear an make up will look, I was finally ready. (Picture at the top).

It was now just past 6 with the sound of my door knocking.

"Is she decent?" I heard Tom say.

"Yea." Taylor said.

He opened the door to enter. I turned to look at him.

"Wow you look amazing." He said looking at me.

"You girls did a good job."

"Thanks." They all said.

Whilst the girls were getting me ready, Nikki was also getting ready for her date.

Nicole's P..O.V

Tom was stood infront of me.

"Wow. You look gorgeous." He said checking me up and down.

^^^ The link to Nikki's Dress

Tom was wearing a red and black flannel shirt with Black jeans and black shoes. Hot.

"Shall we?" I nodded as I took his hand.

Before he left me and the girls screamed stuff.

"Have fun!" Ruvini said.

"Not too much." Emil said.

"Stay safe!" Sam said.

"Use protection!" I screamed lastly. I turned to see the girls looking at me. "What?"

Then they all burst out laughing.

"Well we better go. Need a lift?" Emily asked the girls.

"Yea" They all said.

"Make sure you have fun. Don't be nervous." Taylor said. I hugged them all and they left.

It was half 6 and I heard the front door open. Crap hes here.

"Hello Mr and Mrs Mann." I heard him say.

I made my way down with them all looking at me.

"You look beautiful." He said.

"Thanks." I answered as I looked down since I was blushing.

"Right I know its not a school night but have her home by mid night. Okay?" Dad replied like a protective dad.

"Yes sir." He answered back.

"You kids go have fun."

We left and made way to his car.

Barclays P.O.V

Oh my word. She looked hot and beautiful. Her hair tied up. She wore black. Black  clothing is hot.

Wth Barclay you cant fall for her. Uh oh am I. I smiled at her and we drove.

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