Playing with hearts

Moving countries was harder than I thought. My names Jolene but I prefer to be called Jo. Well at least that's what everyone calls me back in America. Moving to the UK is a weird transition. New school. New friends. New weather. It was going to be hard especially since the trouble maker and I acquainted. One thing for sure, it's going to be an emotional roller coaster; and not the fun kind.


8. The Bibby's

Sam's P.O.V

Last night was a blast. It was so much fun hanging out with Taylor. She seemed really nice. I knew I had seen her somewhere and then I remembered she was in our school. The quiet one who always sat at the back. But I don't think shes quiet anymore. More like loud and giddy. But I like that.

I had woken up from the sound of Lexi jumping and screaming : 'Get up!!' I eventually got up and made my way to the bathroom to get dressed as well as making the beds.

I knew Lexi had gone down to have her breakfast so I got my bag and also made my way.

"Good Morning sleepy head." Uncle Jamie said as I went to give him a morning hug.

"Morning" I responded with a smile. "And good morning to you too Lexi. Thanks for the good morning call." I said as she laughed.

"Honey would you like some nutella on your pancakes and some fruits?" Aunt Lynds asked.

"Yes please. The usual." I spoke I made my way to a chair next to Reece.

"Morning." He said. I replied back with a hug.

Aunty Lynds brought mine and Reece's breakfast as we were the last down.

"Thanks for letting me stay by the way." I quietly said to my aunt and uncle.

"Don't be sorry." Reece's mum said.

"Its not your fault your parents are busy. You're welcome here any time." His dad said.

"Youre family Sam. Stop being stupid." Reece said.

"I like having you here" Lexi spoke.

"Thanks guys." We all started eating our dinner.

"That's a lot of nutella Reece." His dad replied.

"What can I say I love it." He uttered back.

Ever since I spent more and more of my time with Reece, I have become obsessed with having nutella.

"So Uncle, Aunt and Lexi what do you think of Taylor?" I asked looking at them I knew Reece was giving me a look.

"Shes a really nice girl I guess."

"Yea lovely girl. Really sweet."

"Shes beautiful."

"I agree." I spoke laughing. Reece just blushed.

"Right girlies lets go shopping." Aunt Lyndsey said.

We got up and got on our jackets then making our way to her car.

The shopping trip was successful. I bought quite a few tops and dresses along with Aunty Lynds who bought A LOT of dresses and Lexi who bought less and just wanted treats all the way.



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