Playing with hearts

Moving countries was harder than I thought. My names Jolene but I prefer to be called Jo. Well at least that's what everyone calls me back in America. Moving to the UK is a weird transition. New school. New friends. New weather. It was going to be hard especially since the trouble maker and I acquainted. One thing for sure, it's going to be an emotional roller coaster; and not the fun kind.


6. Step 1 be nice

Jakes P.O.V

Today is the day.  Where Barclay would be nice to Jo. I do feel bad but its annoying how Barcs a player and sleeps with everyone. It brings back the past.

Jo's P.O.V

So far today has been quite a weird day. So far the classes I have had was with Sam, Barc and Reece. Barclay has been nice to me. Too nice. All the girls that try to be with him, he ignores and tries talking to me. What has happened to him during the weekend?

Reece was walking by my side and we were just talking.

"Heyy Reece?"

"Yea?" He looked at me. Telling me to continue.

"Is it me or is Barclay being nice? Like you know too nice." I continued.

"Hmm not really. Hes the same I think hes trying to be nice to you because you are Toms sister. When Sam joined she didn't know the boys she met them twice when she use to visit. Her and Barcs got along. And now well they are best friends." I nodded knowing where he was coming from.

" Oh okay." We made our way to our table. Nikki was their talking to Tom. The two of them have become really close. I know Tom likes her.

"Whats the plan for tonight?" Charlie asked.

"Friday night. Hmm how about bowling?" James said.

"Sounds good." Chris spoke as he had his arms around Sam's shoulder.

"And will the ladies be joining?" Jake asked looking toward the 3 of us.

"I'd love to." Nicole said.

"Sure." Sam spoke while eating her dinner.

"Uh Jo will you come?" Barclay asked sitting opposite me.

"I dunno." I answered truthfully.

"Come it will be fun. Please." He asked practically pleading.

"Urgh fine." I said as I gave in.

"You wont regret it my friend." He said with a wink.

"I hope not. And friend?" I said.

"Yea were friends." He spoke as he took his hand out for me to shake. I did the same.

He winked again and turned to the others conversation.

I felt a smile creep up my face.

Barclay's P.O.V


"Is it ok if I bring a friend?" Reece questioned.

"Who?" Tom asked.

"A friend." He answered.  We all nodded.


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