Playing with hearts

Moving countries was harder than I thought. My names Jolene but I prefer to be called Jo. Well at least that's what everyone calls me back in America. Moving to the UK is a weird transition. New school. New friends. New weather. It was going to be hard especially since the trouble maker and I acquainted. One thing for sure, it's going to be an emotional roller coaster; and not the fun kind.


15. Meeting the newbies

~~Barclay's P.O.V

I had woken up from the sound of my brother singing loudly as in really loudly and my sister Taylor telling him to shutup and for me to wake up.

I can tell you this. This is what I call a normal wake up all.

"Barc-!" I heard my dad scream.

"IM AWAKE!" I shouted back.

I got up and made my way to the bathroom. I had a shower last night so I brushed my teeth and went to have some breakfast.

"I got to go. Casey's picking me up." I said as I made my way out before saying my good byes.

Just as I shut the door, I see Casey's car pull up. But the passenger seat was taken.  As I got closer and closer, I got a chance to see who that girl was.

It was Emily. I knew Casey and her were together. We all did. They tried hiding it but failed. The reason why they tried to hide it was because well she is what you call a typical nerd. Straight A's and never mis-behaves. But then you have Casey who was the complete and total opposite.

People say opposites attract. In this case they were totally right.

I opened the car and sat down then shutting the door.

"Alright mate?" Casey asked.

"Yea man. You?"

"Good good." He answered back.

"Hey Emily." I said.

She turned and looked at me giving me the biggest smile ever. "Hey Barclay. How are you?"

"Good thanks. What about you?"

"Im very well thanks."

We all made small talk whilst we reached school.

After getting out the car, me, Casey and Em made our way in. All eyes on us.

Em wasn't use to everyone looking at her like this so because of that she would get nervous.

Casey being the gentlemen he is held strongly onto her hand to reassure her.

I had got a text message from Chris telling me they were in the music room. We all had the first 2 hours free so we went there.

"Hey guys." Jo said as she waved a us all.

"Hi." We replied back.

I called Jo towards me.

"Hey are we still on for tonight?" I asked her.

"Yea course. Why?"

"Just in case you changed your mind."

"No. ahah."

"Well i'll pick you up at 7. Were going to the movies and out to eat."

She nodded and made her way over to the girls.

Jo's P.O.V

Tonight was the night I was going on a date with Barclay Beales.

After speaking to Barclay, I made my way over to the girls.

"What was all that about?" Taylor asked.

"Oh he was just telling me what time he was picking me up. Are you guys still coming over?" I asked them. The girls were all going to come help me choose on what to wear.

"Yea im free." Emily said.

"Duh!" Sam said.

"Ill come. Its a date!" Taylor said.

"Im coming." Ruvini said.

"Yea because after that me and Tom are going to hang out." Nikki said with a smile. Oh god Don't think I want to know how they will be hanging out.

As all of us were in mid conversation, the door opened to reveal Mrs Stone. She was the school receptionst and she was very very kind. All the teachers thought the boys were a nuisance but she thought other wise.

"Hello boys and girls." Mrs Stone said. She was old like in her 50's.

"Hello Mrs Stone." We answered back.

"How can we help you ma'am." Charlie asked being a flirt.

"Well Mr Jones you can all actually help." She smiled.

Behind her was a boy. He was around our age. Brown hair brown eyes. Lazy eyes. He looked cute. Lets say hes 6'1 because boy he was tall.

"Right boys. You know this young lad. Apparently he knows you?" She said.

"Who?" Chris asked.

She moved to the side so we could see him all the way.

"SHAWN?! SHAWN MENDES?!" All the boys scream besides Tom.

"Hey guy-." He said. But before he could finished he was pushed to the floor by the boys giving him a hug.

After getting up and pulling his shirt down a bit, he looked at us all.

"Shawn?" I turned around to see it was Sam.

"Sam?" He questioned trying to get a closer look.

"Oh my god Shawn!" She screamed running to him and giving him a massive hug.

"Hi stranger." He said as the both broke from the hug and laughed. "Why did you stop contacting me?" He asked her.

"Well I didn't. When I heard you sing you were becoming big as in famous. We kept in contact but you were really busy and well yea. Eventually we stopped." She said. Wow they knew each other?

"Yea well I missed you. God you were so hard to recognize. You look beautiful." He said looking at her.

"So do you mister." She replied as they both laughed.

I felt a presence next to me. I looked to see it was Chris who looked a bit upset. He looked at me as I gave him a smile.

We all just stared at them.

"Oh Shawn we want you to meet our new member. This is Tom hes from America. And this is his twin sister Jo." James said as he pointed at me and Tom.

"Hi its nice to meet you guys." He said as he hugged me and gave Tom a bro hug.

"You too." Me and Tom said at the same time. Causing us both to laugh.

"So what have I missed. Its been like a year since I last saw you guys." He said looking at the boys.

"Well me and Sam are dating." Chris said as if he was telling Shawn to back off. Aww he was so jealous.

"Yea she did say she was dating a guy. So wait are you and Reece cousins?" He asked. Reece nodded.


"Well its seems you are all catching up on each other." Mrs Stone said as she left. I forgot she was even here. Oops.

 "So what brings you here?" Barclay asked him as we all sat on a chair or somewhere.

"Well I just finished being on tour as an opening act. My tour doesn't start until the end of this year so I thought I will carry on with my studies. I wanted to go back to Canada but my family and my manager said no. So they said that because it was my last year and the stuff you get taught here gets taught there, they put me here." He said taking a breath. "At first I was nervous because I didn't want to make fake friends. But im so glad to have met you guys and my pen pal." He said looking at Sam.

"Pen pal?"  Emily asked.

"Yea. Back home, they made us do this pen pal thing with Shawn' school. We met twice. When I went there and when he came here. Of course I left but we still kept in touch."

"Well you tried to." I said causing us all to laugh.

"Welcome to our school." Tom said making us all laugh.

After ten minutes of talking, Jake spoke up.

"Okay so me and the guys have written a song. Its called 'Love Me So'."

The boys began to sing.


 Can we locate where we went wrong?

 It's driving me crazy

 It's tiring daily


 And though she tries her best to stay strong

 I'm feeling so guilty

 Just wanna be guilt free


 But, if you save me now

 You can brave the doubt

 You can pull me out

 'Cos darling I have been


 Crying on my bedroom floor,

  Wishing I was still in your arms

 There I always seemed so sure

 That you love me,

 that you love me so

 Hey hey hey hey hey

 That you love me so

 Oh oh oh oh oh


 Will love heal all of this pain

 Maybe the scars but

 Not a broken heart 'cos


 A heart in pieces ain't the same

 I told you,

you have the ability to save

[Tom and James:]

 To save me now

 If you can brave the doubt

 You can pull me out

 'Cos darling I have been


 Crying on my bedroom floor

 Wishing I was still in your arms

 There I always seemed so sure

 That you love me,

 that you love me so

 Hey hey hey hey hey

 That you love me so

 Oh oh oh oh oh


 I tried my best to understand

 What makes a man

 Is it the path where he began

 Or the one where he stands now, now


 'Cos I've been crying on my bedroom floor

 Wishing I was still in your arms

 Cos there I always seemed so sure


 That you love me

 That you love me so


 Crying on my bedroom floor

 Wishing I was still in your arms

 There I always seemed so sure

 That you love me,

that you love me so

 Hey hey hey hey hey

 That you love me so

 Oh oh oh oh oh

 That you love me so

 Hey hey hey hey hey

 That you love me so

 Oh oh oh oh oh

"Oh my god. I love it!" I screamed as we all clapped.

"Wow that song is awesome!" Shawn said giving them all bro hugs.

"Thanks man." James said.

We had an hour left to spare so the boys decided to give Shawn a tour around the school. Whereas the girls sat and talked dresses. (Great!)

Me and Shawn had all the same classes so it was cool.


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