Playing with hearts

Moving countries was harder than I thought. My names Jolene but I prefer to be called Jo. Well at least that's what everyone calls me back in America. Moving to the UK is a weird transition. New school. New friends. New weather. It was going to be hard especially since the trouble maker and I acquainted. One thing for sure, it's going to be an emotional roller coaster; and not the fun kind.


20. Dinner

~~Jo's P.O.V

It was 4pm and I was getting ready to go to Reece's house. All our families were going to be there.

I had just decided to wear my Nirvana top black pants and my vans. We all decided that we would not dress up because it was a barbeque and it was evening.

"JO! TOM! YOU READY? COME ON WERE GOING TO BE LATE!" My dad screamed s I scurried around my room to look for my phone.

"Coming dad!" I screamed back.

After finding my phone I made my way down to see my parents and Tom.

"The others are all there." He said. I nodded.

All the parents were invited too. Well our parents along with the boys and Sams since that was her uncles.

Sam's P.O.V

"Where is Shawn?" My mum asked.

"He went earlier with Reece because the boys were just going to hang out." I answered back.

"Oh okay." She said.

By now we had arrived.

Mum knocked on the door and Aunty Lynds opened it.

"Carol!" She screamed.

"Lyndsey! Its been ages." Mum said.

"Yes! Come in they are all in the garden."

"Hi Derek." She said to my dad.

"Alright there." He said.

"You okay there munchkin?" She said giving me a hug.

I nodded. We went to the garden.

"Jamie!" My mum screamed as everyone looked at us.

"SIS!" He shouted with a big smile as he went to hug my mum.

They were really close and hadn't seen each other in ages.

I made my way to the others.

"Hey babe." Chris said as he hugged me and gave me a kiss.

"Hey." I said as I greeted the others to.

Barclay was talking to Charlie but kept looking at Jo every once in a while. She was talking to Em. It was one of those weird looks.

I decided to go talk to him.

Barclay's P.O.V

I was talking to Charlie about us doing another song. I kept looking towards Jo regretting the whole bet thing. Gosh I was so happy when Jake agreed that no one would find out.

"Hey Barclay. Can I talk to you for a second?" I heard someone say. I looked up to see it was Sam.

"Yea sure." I said  as  I got up. "Ill be back yea." I said to Charlie as we left to go the kitchen.

After we both entered, she shut the sliding door.

Uh-oh. She folded her hands.

"Whats up with you?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean Beales. Spill!"

What was I meant to say?!

"Nothing is up!" I lied.

"Barcs youre my best friend. I know something is up. I saw you looking at her as if something was wrong."

Wow she knows. I need to say something.

"Okay fine. Nothing gets passed you does it?"

"Nope." She said coming closer.

I had to say something. But what? I sighed

"Im in love with Jo. Okay?"

"WHAT?!" She screamed. I quickly covered her mouth.


I let go and she said sorry.

"That's so cute."

"Yea but its really early in the relationship. She not even my girlfriend." What did I say.

"Im not going to say anything. All I can say is figure this out but if you ever need help you know where I am." With that said she left.

Jo's P.O.V

Wonder what Sam and Barclay were talking about.

Dinner was served and we all decided to eat outside while the parents went inside.

It was starting to get dark and we were all lying down next to each other just gazing at the stars.

"This is beautiful." Shawn said.

"Youre right there mate" Tom said.

"Guys its time to go home." One of the parents said.

We all got up but being the gentlemen we are we helped the ladies up.

Tonight was an awesome night.



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