30 Day OTP Challenge

Couldn't choose a specific ship to use, so chose to split it between four X-Men pairings...
Daken Akihiro x Quentin Quire.
Evan Sabahnur (Genesis) x Quentin Quire.
Josh Foley (Elixir) x Kevin Ford (Wither).
Josh Foley (Elixir) x Julian Keller (Hellion).


1. Plan

I know this is supposed to be done for an OTP (singular), but I couldn’t which of my ships to use, so I gotta plan this out…

01 - Holding hands - Wither and Elixir (Kevin’s obsession with being able to tough Josh - aww).
02 - Cuddling somewhere - Wither and Elixir (danger room cuddles).
03 - Gaming/watching a movie - Quentin and Evan (Evan being scared of the crap Q’s into).
04 - On a date - Elixir and Hellion (Julian being hellishly pretentious).
05 - Kissing - Quentin and Evan (because Evan is super fridged and it’s adorable).
06 - Wearing eachothers’ clothes - Quentin and Evan (Evan wearing Q’s shirt is my phone wallpaper so this was gonna happen).
07 - Cosplaying - Quentin and Evan (of course, omg these nerds).
08 - Shopping - Elixir and Hellion (again, Julian being annoying and rich).
09 - Hanging out with friends - Wither and Elixir (YAY TRAINING SQUAD CAMPOUT).
10 - With animal ears - Quentin and Daken (D is an animal already, sooooo…).
11 - Wearing kigurumis - Quentin and Daken (omg, this is gonna be hilarious).
12 - Making out - Quentin and Daken (feeling hot hot hot).
13 - Eating icecream - Quentin and Evan (zomg so cute).
14 - Genderswapped - Quentin and Evan (this’ll probably be art because I’ve wanted to draw it for so long).
15 - In a different clothing style - Elixir and Hellion (can you imagine these guys with peircings and tattoos and leather and omg).
16 - During their morning ritual(s) - Elixir and Hellion (narcissism to level 100).
17 - Spooning - Quentin and Evan (cuties being cute).
18 - Doing something together - Quentin and Daken (taking over the world counts as ‘doing something together’, right?).
19 - In formal wear - Elixir and Hellion (would these freaks seriously miss the opportunity to dress up and outdo each other?).
20 - Dancing - Wither and Elixir (omg slow dancing awkwardly just aww).
21 - Cooking/baking - Quentin and Daken (headcanon that Daken is an amazing cook, sooooo…).
22 - In battle, side-by-side - Wither and Elixir (I’m gonna cry so hard).
23 - Arguing - Elixir and Hellion (of course).
24 - Making up afterwards - Elixir and Hellion (this will be fun…).
25 - Gazing into eachothers’ eyes - Quentin and Daken (Daken’s just like ‘this is weird, please stop’).
26 - Getting married - Wither and Elixir (I write about these two as husbands so much omg).
27 - On one of their birthdays - Quentin and Evan (I’ve already started this *squee*).
28 - Doing something ridiculous - Elixir and Hellion (oh, my evil plans).
29 - Doing something sweet - Wither and Elixir (they’re my cutest ship so this was just logic).
30 - Doing something hot - Quentin and Daken (everything hot involves Daken, let’s face it).

Wither x Elixir - 7 days.
Quentin x Evan - 8 days.
Quentin x Daken - 7 days.
Elixir x Hellion - 8 days.

Oh, god. Imma suck so bad at this!

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