check yes juliet

Dan and Phil fiction mostly dan cause he's the character that my character lizzy falls for


5. the study session

I went home that day, did my homework and went into my room, I made myself a bit more presentable but not too much so my mom wouldn't suspect anything, I walked into the living room to my mom "mom I'm going to go study at the library" I said grabbing my keys and my bookbag "alright sweetie be safe" my mom answered not taking her eyes off the tv. I put down my keys "I think I'm gonna walk" I said realising I haven't gotten much exercise lately "okay but still be safe" she said still staring at the murderer on the tv I rolled my eyes and walked at the door to start my 5 minute journey to the library I was 2 minutes away when a car pulled up beside me and 3 people got out and jumped me. I don't remember what happened but I woke up on a bench and the first thing I did was call Dan, he gave me his number in electronics engineering class "hello?" He answered on the first ring "dan.." I said starting to cry "Liz are you crying what's wrong where are you?" He asked worry starting to appear in his voice "umm I'm umm at the park I woke up here, the last thing I remember is me walking to the library and a car and three people and I blacked out and I'm bleeding and just can you come get me?..." I asked still crying "yeah of course umm do you know Phil Lester?" He asked me "I sit with him in math so yeah" I answered confused "okay look the park is near our houses so I'm gonna send Phil to get you he's my friend and I ran into him waiting for you so is that okay?" He asked panicky "yeah that's fine" I said wiping blood from my nose "okay he's leaving now and he honestly looked worried he said you're a cool person and sweet and that you don't deserve to have been jumped" he said calming down about "yeah Phil's a funny guy me and him got along rather well he's one of my few friends" I said while sniffling, about 2 minutes later a car pulled up and Phil got out and ran to me "lizzy omg are you okay?" He asked me "yeah I'm fine let's get to the library and study kay?" I asked "kay" he replied while helping me to his car I got in and buckled up and closed my eyes but opened them when I heard Phil turning the car off, I opened my eyes to see dan opening my door for me and grabbing my bag and helping me out and to a seat in the library and grabbing a first aid kit from the wall? Wait library's do that? Well then, Dan treated my wounds I never even knew I had and then we finally started to study for the project turns out I already had the project done and at my house because I got bored so made up my own project about the book 'The Fault In Our Stars' and that's what this project was just you could choose the book so I told dan "we could do the fault in our stars?" I said "really?" He asked so I told him about me having it done cause I got bored one day "well aren't you just the best type of person ever" he laughed and my vision finally come clear so I looked at him and ended up in a laughing fit "what?" He asked "did you really draw a cat nose and whiskers on your face?" I asked him still laughing "haha yes and here" he said pulling out a marker and drawing them on me too "meow" I said once he was finished, he laughed and looked at me I didn't realise what was happening till i felt his lips on mine and I don't know why but i kissed back and Phil interrupted "DAN YOUR MOMS HERE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE QUICK!" He whisper yelled and dan dove to the first book shelf and acted like he was looking for a book and so me and Phil acted like we were studying, his mom gave me this nastiest look and then walked towards dan you could consider it eavesdropping but she talked really loud "Daniel what is she doing here!" She whisper yelled "well maybe since she's in my class she's studying for the same thing I am I don't know" he replied calmly "and she just happens to be here with your friend Phil" she pushed on "mom Phil gets along with everyone and he mentioned sitting with her in math class plus I'm in that math class and yes they are always talking and laughing cause Phil doesn't hold grudges from something that happened years ago" he said irritated "how dear you" she said "yes I dared now can I please continue studying so I don't fail?" He asked "yeah whatever be home before dark" she said and walked out but dan still waited 10 minutes before he came back over to us "that was close" Phil stated "yeah" I said looking at dan "I have a plan as to how we will tell them and show them that they are foolish" dan said looking at me with a grin "dan no they'll kill us" I said my smile faded "it'll be worth it cause Damn Liz I love you so much" he said pulling me into a hug "okay fine i love you too now what's the plan?" I asked him pulling away "it's a surprise" he replied chuckling "oh god" I laughed "but it happens tonight at 10" he said "fine I guess ill see you tonight then" I said grabbing my purse "cya" dan winked at me and walked out to his car and i was about to walk out but Phil grabbed my hand "I wanna drive you home you know just in case..." Phil was saying but it sounded like a question "okay thanks Phil" I smiled at him, we walked out and got in the car and Phil drove me home


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