check yes juliet

Dan and Phil fiction mostly dan cause he's the character that my character lizzy falls for


3. the fight

Kathy climbed in and buckled up we drove for about 10 minutes before Kathy spoke up "sooo...." Kathy said "what Kathy it's just a project" I stopped and pulled over and looked at her with a serious face "yeah but your partner is the hot popular boy who just happens to be the son of your parents rivals" she stated with a voice that made it seem like I was five "okay one! I'm not F*****g five so quit talking to me like I am and two! My parents are childish stubborn idiots who only hate Dan's parents because they became F*****g prom queen and king and not them and three! Shut the F**k up and stay out of my business" I said rather a bit rude then i intended "lizzy i-i-" she started but I interrupted "was looking for gossip and dirt about me like always, don't think for one second that I don't know your two faced because I do know how else would Rachael of known that I cut, because you told her you were the only one who knew that so get the hell out of my car" I said with tears in my eyes, Kathy got out and I drove off to taco bell and just sat there crying, all of a sudden I heard a knock on my window I wiped my eyes and looked up and there stood Dan, he made the motion for me to roll down my window, and for some reason I listened and rolled it down "Liz are you okay?" He asked me "like you care" I said and looked back down but kept my window open "I do care" he simply stated then walked to the passenger side and climbed in "since when does the cool popular guy care about the pathetic loser?" I said sarcastically looking back up at him with more tears "since....since I don't know I just care okay" he replied putting his hand on mine "no you think you care but don't" I said and grabbed my purse and got out of my car and started to walk towards taco bells entrance "wait lizzy" he said running towards me "what?" I asked turning to him "the umm football teams in there they'll make fun of you if they see you crying so umm here" he replied handing me a napkin "thanks I guess" I said and walked in leaving him there, thinking he was lying I didn't wipe my face but come to find out he wasn't so they took a pic of me and of course posted it, I got my taco and quickly left before they could Come over to me, I got in my car and went home 

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