check yes juliet

Dan and Phil fiction mostly dan cause he's the character that my character lizzy falls for


2. the english project

"Liz he's looking at you again" my friend Kathy whispered to me from her seat next to mine and pointing at Daniel well actually Dan cause that's what everyone calls him at least  I think that's what everyone calls him, he lives across the street from me but mine and his family are some kind of rivals but I think he's kind of cute not that I know his personality or anything but I kind of want to get to know him "I know now shut up before the teacher hears us" i whispered back and she finally turned back around to face the board and began to doodle in her notebook "Alright class we are going to be doing an English project so ill assign you a partner and you need to pick up the information packet on my desk before you leave" Mr.Anderson our English teacher said putting a pile of packets at the edge of his desk and picked a paper up off his desk and started naming the list of partners he had chosen "Kathy and Kayla" he said, shit if i'm not with Kathy then who am I with "lizzy and Daniel" he said still reading the list, Kathy gasped beside me and I stared at her with wide eyes and dan finally spoke up "but sir me and Kathy don-" he started to speak but Mr.Anderson interrupted him "you will be with the partner assigned to you wither you like them or not" he said right before the bell rang I got up grabbing my stuff and dan walked over to me "it's best we not tell our parents and meet up in private like in the library let's say we start meeting up tomorrow at 5?" He said I must of had a shocked look cause he kept going "look the whole rival thing with our parents is stupid and childish and I don't wanna be like that although I can act like a child at times" he said calmly at first then he turned to a ramble "dan really? I'm glad to to know I'm not the only one who feels like that haha tomorrow at 5 at the public library kay?" I said laughing and he relaxed a bit and sighed "yeah sounds great cya there" he said and he walked away, picked up a packet waved to me and walked out "did that really just happen?!?" Kathy whisper yelled I ignored her and grabbed a packet and walked out of the school towards my car with Kathy hot on my tail "can I hitch a ride with you?" She asked "why not" I replied starting the engine

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