check yes juliet

Dan and Phil fiction mostly dan cause he's the character that my character lizzy falls for


4. the best school day ever

I woke up to my alarm the next day and remembered the taco bell thing and prepared myself for insults, I got up and got ready for school, "bye lizzy I love you" my mom yelled as I was walking out "yeah" was all I got out, I got in my car and saw a note on the passenger seat so I grabbed it, it read: 

dear Liz, if they did manage to get a picture of you I will find a way to delete it so you won't get made fun of tomorrow   Love, Dan

Okay so maybe I won't get made fun of today well that's  if he found a way to delete it, I didn't like this but I'm was relying on him right now. I started my car and drove to school, I went straight to class that day. I walked in and the teacher wasn't there yet, only one student, Dan, I walked in and sat down in the back ignoring him first block electronics engineering and all that stuff "okay we are trying something new it's called assigned seats and so you'll have a work buddy" Mrs.Engel said grabbing a paper from her folder great just what i was hoping for... being forced to be social is the worst and I have no friends in this class she continued to read the list I zoned out but snapped back to reality after I realised that Mrs.Engel had said my name about five times "I'm sorry what" I replied nervous of who I'm being forced to be social with "lizzy I'd appreciate it if you'd pay attention" she said with a stern tone "sorry I didn't get a lot of sleep last night" I said making up a half lie "okay that's fine but I moved you over to sit with Daniel" she said so I grabbed my stuff walked over to him and sat down "and so today we will be spending on getting to know your partner so chatter away" Mrs .Engel said joyfully. Dan turned to me "soo did you get my note?" He questioned "yeah and oh how'd that go down?" I asked him "he's so stupid it was easy, plus he has a dumb phone that's easy to hack" he answered with a chuckle "haha wow you actually pay attention in this class?" I asked him and it basically went on with asking each other questions and I can't believe I could so easily talk to him, he's so funny "don't forget to meet me at 5" he said as we walked to our next class "how could I we have every class together" I laughed "touché and hey about yesterday I really did care" he said grinning a cheeky grin at me GOD he's dimples were so cute I wanted to poke him "I know" I simply stated let's just say best school day ever 


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