~Water World~ (Pirate One)

Venture the blue to see the reason for living.
It was the first time I did a story with POV. But don't worry, I think maybe it's not that bad.. >^_^<
Hope you like it!!! The pics are not mine.


5. The Ship



I opened my eyes and saw a lamp hanging up at the ceiling. My head hurts a little and I could feel that I got weaken. I leaped myself up and saw nothing but a small room out of woods. It's really hot here, knowing that I was in a room without a window. And I feel sick.

As I look around, I heard Cheshire's meow. I searched where she was and saw her under the bed. I smiled calling her out. I'm glad she's fine. Wait... where the hell am I? Am I in heaven? What happened? What I last remembered was that I drowned back there because of the ship. Yes that's right. I drowned...

Cheshire meowed again and started to walk towards an open door. I followed the little fellow and as I went out of the room, I saw a hallway. My cat still walks and I just followed. My cat stopped to another closed door and looked at me. She moved her head saying that I should open it. I was quite nervous about that door, but I'm curious what's out there. So in the end, I opened it.

When I opened that door, there was a light that welcomed me. I was sure that it's the sun, so warm and so bright. And there, the image starts to clear out through my sight. The blue ocean, the clouds, the birds that flies... all of it was there.

I stepped out to make a better look, but a monkey suddenly sprung up in front of me. With my surprise, I stepped back and tripped down. Ouch! Now my butt hurts.

"You there!" I heard someone called.

I looked behind... I mean, above.. at the front deck. There was a young man older than me for a year or so. He stood there staring at me, so I did the same. I observed him suspiciously and right when I looked at his face, he raised an eyebrow crossing his arms. "Excuse me, were you the captain?" I asked.

"So what if I am?" He asked.

"Good." I stood and approached him. "I am Alicia Les'tradez, and-"

"So what about your name." he cut off.

Heck this man! how could he be so impudent. I don't understand how this people live. I was only introducing myself yet he cut me off? "What's wrong with introducing?" I asked coldly.

"I don't need your name. We'll be dropping you to the next island."

"Wait, what?" was that a clear decision?

"I said, we'll leave you to our next stop." he said walking away.

But I automatically grabbed his arm to stop him. "Wait. Please let me stay." I started begging.

"No." he said not even facing me.

"Oh please, I just want to see the world..." what am I saying now?

"You can't you'll just die."

"But I'm really going to die." 

He suddenly looked at me, expressing himself being surprise. I let his arms go then looked away. Why did I said that thing? 

"Come with me." he said then he started to walk.

I smiled. Will he allow me to?

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