~Water World~ (Pirate One)

Venture the blue to see the reason for living.
It was the first time I did a story with POV. But don't worry, I think maybe it's not that bad.. >^_^<
Hope you like it!!! The pics are not mine.


3. Plan

^Cia & Cheshire^


My door opened and I saw mother and father entered. They were smiling at me while approaching with a basket of apple. Mother placed it on the table then sat beside me. 

"I heard you want to settle me up with someone?" I said straightly.

Mother smiled. "Isn't that great my darling, you'll be able to be loved as you wished." she said.

I just kept shut. That's not true. Love is different from being settled. But what do I know about it? I was stuck in this room for lifetime and I don't even have a hint of what love might mean. If my mother and father really loved me then what did I felt back? Who knows, I might've been feeling it all along for them but I just don't know how.

But please. Everyone in the world knows that marrying strangers is very dangerous. I just don't get the hang of it if I try to recall. What if I'll just leave? Yes, that's a good option, but where will i go if I do so?

Mother and father bid goodnight to me. They left my room and locked my door. Why do they have to? It's just the first time that I turned conscious of why would they lock my door? I really don't get a reason for that.

I leaped off from my bed and tip-toed going towards the door. I carefully tried to open the door but I failed. I was really locked. How am I gonna run away now?

I looked around. Oh that's right! My balcony. I run going to my balcony. I looked down and observed the high pace of my room to the ground. As I looked at it, I could actually jump down, but surely I'll lose an arm if I do. Oh yes my blanket! That should do. I went back to my room and grabbed a sling bag putting some of my clothes and stuffed it with sack of gold coins and my accessories too. 

I was told that I have no money out of the world, I might end up sleeping in the road wherein I'll get to be kicked by carriage and coaches that pass by. Oh, oh and yes! Don't forget to bring Cheshire too.

I'll escape tonight. So I need a nap.

I hid my things at the closet as I tied some of my tough blankets putting it under my bed and lay down relaxing my mind and wake up at night.

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