~Water World~ (Pirate One)

Venture the blue to see the reason for living.
It was the first time I did a story with POV. But don't worry, I think maybe it's not that bad.. >^_^<
Hope you like it!!! The pics are not mine.


18. Night


This is our second day to this island and this captain starts to make me laugh. Every hour Lina comes to visit me to the ship, he starts to hide behind me like a scared pup. This action of his really bothers me. Why does she fear Lani so much? It really made me wonder and ask for a reason.

~Day 3~


Now I'm really sick of hiding! When are we leaving? Oh yes, I forgot. This stupid Lani keeps on interrupting us not to go and cries to Cia, while this Cia here is very kind and decided to postpone our journey. I just sighed from this unexpected moment. I should really be careful from my movements or else, that Lani might caught me and drags me crazy again.

When I last stop here three years ago, I met Lani and she started following me. Then suddenly she confessed and I insulted her then she said that I was lying 'cause I was shy and so she started to drag me going to her house and introduce me to his family then even forced me to sleep to her own room. That is very unusual for a woman who is noble. That's why I ran away from her and rode the ship while she swam chasing me, but failed. Good thing I managed to escape from her.

This night, I plan to sail away from Lani and so I told Cia about it. I also warned her not to tell it to that woman and so she said yes.

Night came and so does our escape. We managed to run away from her and so, I rejoiced again. Away from the horrifying place.

And since I'm away from danger, my crew set a party and so I joined. We drank a lot of beer and my crazy crew force Cia to drink. At first, she insisted, but then she started drinking too. I sat on the deck while I watch my men asleep. All of them are quite drunk and I can hear them snore. I look at all of them, but I didn't found Cia anywhere. Then I looked around to search for her, and there, I found her seating on the side of the ship looking up while holding a cup of beer.

I approached her then looked up too. "What are you looking at?" I asked.

She looked at me and smiled, as always. "I'm watching the world." she said.

"World huh?" I stared at the sky and all I saw was the star and the half moon. "Why do you say so?" I asked wondering why she would think of that way.

"Because the world has it. This sky with stars, the world never loses the sky, and so I was looking at it." She said and all the sudden, she fell back so I catch her. She's completely drunk but she managed to sit here and watch her world.

I stood up carrying her as I looked up for one last sight. I felt as if something struck into my mind. It was the world. Yes, that's right. When I was a child, I remembered that I called the sky as the world for it was the water where I used to live. If it's morning, the sky is blue, so does the sea. And if night, it's dark but there are sparkles in it.

I can't believe she thinks like a child.

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