~Water World~ (Pirate One)

Venture the blue to see the reason for living.
It was the first time I did a story with POV. But don't worry, I think maybe it's not that bad.. >^_^<
Hope you like it!!! The pics are not mine.


12. Cute Cia

The day after, I went to the cuisine to see Brandon and help him out. It's my first time to be cooking that's why I'm excited.I entered the door leading me to the kitchen and there I saw Brandon slicing something. I went near to take a better look as I took an apron.

"What is that?" I asked as I place my hands behind me, observing of what he was doing.

He stopped and looked at me with a beaming smile. "A sea dragon's inner heart." he said.

I looked at it and saw it like a "normal meat?" I looked at Brandon puzzled. "Aren't sea dragons dangerous to eat?" I asked puzzled.

"Don't you wonder why sometimes you see us talking without anyone around." Brandon asked.

I nodded. True, I somehow wonder why they talk along and laugh alone. I'm not saying that they're crazy or something but, it's really weird. "Why?" I finally asked.

"Us including our captain can see things that naked eye can see." Brandon explained.

But I didn't understand. "I'm bewildered." I said.

Brandon continued to slice the 'meat' into strips then placed it to a boiling pot. Oh, I forgot that I came here to help out cooking. "Kid, since you've been staying here for almost a month, the captain should be giving you the potion. I bet you see us like an idiot lately." he said.

"Uh, no... not at all." I said as I shook my head.

I looked around the kitchen as I reviewed the surrounding around me. They didn't miss a single spice, all lockers are full of goods. 

"Kid, can you get some onions." Brandon asked.

I looked around and next to the wall was a sack of onion around overloaded. "How many?" I asked as I approach the sack and stared at it.

"Three." Brandon said. And so I took three and hand it over to him. He looked at me with a thank you glance over his face. I smiled back too.

The door  to the kitchen opened and there three heads poke out lining up. They gave a smug smile then wave at me. "Miss Cia, can we  you a favor?" the said in unison.

I nodded with a smile. "Sure." I said as I followed them.

~1 hour later...~


Oh hell, how long does Brandon have to cook such dish? I'm so hungry and tired as well. I almost died fighting that creature that is twice of a size of my ship. And now their going to kill me in hunger? Oh please, I can't help myself stand and don't have the strength to walk at the kitchen to shout out loud. What are they really doing there?

I just laid my back at my bed as I placed a hand on my head with a manner of tiredness and slept for a while.

~1 hour 30 minutes later...~

My door opened and I smelt food so I woke up. Just about time to say that I am to die if this takes one more minute.

"Why is that so long? Do you really want me to-" My mouth dropped in surprise. What that hell is this?


Oh this is really embarrassing! I felt as if I'll die in the most harsh way. Captain and I were just staring at each other and I could feel my hair raise because I'm not comfortable of this.

Why would they force me to wear such clothes. I know I said 'I'll do everything' but it's not what I meant by that. I mean, I will do the chores but not model up like a girl being pictured out.

I placed the food on captains deck, after that I walked straight to the door.

"Cia." Captain called me. I stopped and gave a quick look. "I'm sorry about my pirates." He said.

I smiled a little then opened the door. "I'm just doing my deal. And I want to be friends with them." then I left not even turning back.

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