~Water World~ (Pirate One)

Venture the blue to see the reason for living.
It was the first time I did a story with POV. But don't worry, I think maybe it's not that bad.. >^_^<
Hope you like it!!! The pics are not mine.


13. Challenge


I walked around the ship back and forth as I tried to think harder and harder at the very least that I could took out my brain. My head hurts and I'm overdoing such unthinkable thinking.

I was 'dusting' and not touching the captains room when I suddenly saw the glass fell 'alone' to his desk and I was kinda startled. I'm feeling a bit scared. And since Brandon had said that they're talking alone sometimes, I might think that they could see.... umm... should I even think that it is? I was taught that I should not think of them or else they won't let me be in peace that's why I shouldn't. But it's awful if there's like that in this ship. I might die within no time if there is...

"Miss Cia!" I suddenly heard voices in unison. With my surprise, my thinking pulled me back to reality and I surprisingly dropped the bucket I was holding, causing for me to get wet.

I looked up and there I saw a number of crew at the main deck looking at me worriedly. I smiled and bowed apologetically then I picked up the bucket that I dropped.

"Rest for a while, I think you're overly working... and thinking too." Captain ordered looking up to the sky.

How does he know I was thinking? I sat on the fence watching the ship as it moves forward and I could hear the sound of dolphins around. I  lowered my shoulders to relax a bit and so I sighed closing my eyes and relaxed my mind, clearing it as clear as I could. But again, I heard an argue between a monkey and a cat. I opened one of my eyes and peep on Bonbon (monkey) and Dap (cat) who was fighting. I can't relax for goodness' sake. My ears are aching and I'm so disturbed.

I just tried to ignore it and I listened attentively to the ride of the ocean. And again, I heard another cat joined the argue. Cheshire joined and started hissing. Oh my. I could feel my head turns heated up and I want to destroy something. But when I did it as home last time, my mother scolded me. But this is a pirate ship so I could do it... maybe?

I run down to my chamber and looked around. I went to the wall side and I've began kicking it over and over until it got break and made a 'small' hole below.

"Pretty scary." Captain again appeared in nowhere and now was speaking to me while leaning on the door.

"I am not. I just need something to relive my stress." I said coldly. My anger didn't decrease any single coolness.

Captain smiled then pulled my hand. "Then let's fight for a while shall we?" He said until we reached the deck.

The door slammed open and we both went out as all the crew members looked into our direction. Captain let my hand  go then took a wooden sword throwing it at me. Since I've trained quite quick with my hand, I caught it.

"What's this? You want to fight me?" I asked with a cold grin on my lips.

Captain took another wooden sword and jumped down the deck.

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