~Water World~ (Pirate One)

Venture the blue to see the reason for living.
It was the first time I did a story with POV. But don't worry, I think maybe it's not that bad.. >^_^<
Hope you like it!!! The pics are not mine.


16. A Girl

When we reached the harbor, I saw a girl waving her hand at us.

Captain and I sat on the deck while the crew went out to take some of our needs. He said that we should act as if we're super nobles that bought the captain's ship and he was left in Clavor's Island and married a noble. Why is he so worried about this place?

A girl suddenly started shouting down the ship, and not for long, she sprung up from the ship then started looking around. She started to call the captain's name and so I was kinda puzzled about that. The girl approached us and she gave me a sharp glare. I felt as if my heart was struck by a gun and I froze a little.

She suddenly smiled. "How d'! Guess the cap'n had a new memb'r!"  she said as she stared at both captain and me. "Now, now, where's the idiot?"

I kinda choke a little. I felt as if I want to let out an enormous laughter. But I felt the captain gently kicked my foot. "Oh." I said as I remembered what I was suppose to reply if she asks. *Ahem* I cleared my throat then gave a 'serious' appearance. "There is no such milady." I began. "We are nobles who had bought this ship. And if you had any further question, I won't be glad to answer it so you may leave. I do not entertain guests." I finally said it the way captain wants too. the word mixed with 'rudeness'.

She pouted and and lowered her shoulders. Oh my, I made her upset. "Wait, this is the last. Where is he?" she asked.

I glared at her with a dagger look. "He's staying in Clavor's Island and got married to a noble. Now leave." I said and act as if I was a very strict person. This acting seemed to be so rude, but that's what the captain want and I have to follow as for the sentence: 'I'll do everything'.

They said that I should get use of being ordered around so I was ready.

The girl looked at me again. "One more question-"

"No, leave." I cut her off.






I looked at the captain and I think I just read what he was thinking. 'Just answer her and she might leave.'

I sighed. "What is it?" I asked.

"Who did she got married to?" the girl asked.

"I do not know. I bought it no interested to your pirate's business. He just said he's getting married. And I won't bother ask. If you want to ask why, I do not know any further so leave or else I'll drag you out." Geez, I'm really turning rude...

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