Naruto Ones Shots

A collection of One-shots of your favorite Naruto Characters! Almost all of them are random or crackpot or don't follow the Naruto plot line.

*I do not own the Naruto characters that I use, but I own my own OCs.*


6. The Lilac and the Rain (Indirect KisamexHinata)

Small and delicate,

New and pure.

Her moves so graceful,

Her walk so self conscious.

Feed by only the rain,

Yet she was in the dry point of life.

Not a cloud to shadow her,

Her life was on the line.

She wilted,

Never expecting to rise again.

But then came the rain.

It sprinkled down,

Like a sign it saw her,

Gave her mercy.

Now this beautiful flower was again in bloom,

The rain to thank.

For the rain may have caused floods,

Maybe even caused some pain,

But the lilac was in debt to her life savor,

She looked past it's savage nature,

Seeing the beauty in such a remarkable thing.

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