Naruto Ones Shots

A collection of One-shots of your favorite Naruto Characters! Almost all of them are random or crackpot or don't follow the Naruto plot line.

*I do not own the Naruto characters that I use, but I own my own OCs.*


9. Strawberry Banana (MinatoxKushina)

The afterlife was pleasant,

Wrapped in his arms,

When we died together,

It was just the start.

We watched Naruto,

Grow and grow and grow,

We felt really terrible,

About his childhood, though.

Luckily the Hokage,

Heard our silent request,

He freed our little boy,

So he open his heart,

And train with the rest.

With that he grew,

And eventually we knew,

We were going to see our son one day,

We needed to figure out what to do,

You put the seal on the Nine Tails,

As well as I,

So we figured,

You needed a proper goodbye.

This goodbye separated us,

But not for very long,

But I can’t say I didn't miss,

The comforting feeling of being in your arms.

When I saw my son,

Joy was too high to say,

At least we got the proper goodbye,

We wanted on his birthday.

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