Naruto Ones Shots

A collection of One-shots of your favorite Naruto Characters! Almost all of them are random or crackpot or don't follow the Naruto plot line.

*I do not own the Naruto characters that I use, but I own my own OCs.*


7. Karma (Sasuke)

Regret swirled in his heart,

Old dust stirred from the day his life fell apart.


Rusted by old dead dreams,

His merit in life is farther below ground than it seems.


He’s decayed,

Broken and spaded.


So, what’s he to do,

When he put together the pieces and finally taken the time to think it through?


It was a mistake,

He sees is now but he knows it’s too late,

What difference would it make?


He’s killed to many and regret was finally here,

Sadly, this is not something he’d fear.


When he picked this path he knew he’d have to choose:

Revive his clan, or get strong and make sure Itachi was destined to lose.


His choice was right,

He had won that fight.


Yet after so many years,

After facing all of his fears,


The time had come for him to be done,

Go back home to the one that he loved.


But he was too deep in it all,

And after his life’s falls,
He had to accept that he was wanted dead,

By those whom he had made suffer the feeling of loss and dread.

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