Unforgotten Memories

•Everybody always says that life is a gift, that it brings happiness, love and peace, but this, is untrue•

Paige is 22. She was born in Bradford, she has a younger brother, Ethan who lives with her adopted parents. She guards herself well and never lets anyone in, well, almost!

Zayn is 22. He was born in Bradford and is part of a band called One Direction. Everyone makes mistakes, but he made a mistake that ruined his life, and he will never forgive himself.

Ali is 23 he was born in Bradford and is Zayn's cousin and Paige's best friend. He has a secret that only Paige knows, but not for long.

"Leaving you was the biggest mistake I ever made." He says walking up to me and rubbing my cheek with his thumb.

"I haven't been able to concentrate and never has a day gone by without my mind straying to you." He says gently leaning in towards me.

"You complete me." He says leaning his forehead against mine.

"Without you, there is no me."


1. •Introduction•

Life is full of love and passion, but it is also full of hate, lust and jealousy.

Paige Dawnson has endured pain and agony.

People she grew to love, abandoned her.

She was abused by her uncle.

Her best friend and first love, left her for fame.

Long story short, her life hasn't been all 'Sunshine and Rainbows'.

And now, just when everything was starting to get better, her whole life came tumbling down. But, is this actually a good thing?


Zayn Malik's life is also going down hill and fast.

His band is still world famous and are slowly taking over the world, but this is not what he wants.

His life has been missing a very important peace.

Will he ever recover this piece, or will he just suffer, alone. Without the love of his life.

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