15. the date

Mileys POV

Okay so it's time for the date dam it I hate being on my own with guys but since Michael protected me last night and put me in his bed as he stayed on the sofa he was gaining my trust we turned up to a fair ground "wow I haven't been to a fair since I was little" I said as I smiled at all the lights "really well here you go come on" Michael said as he pulled me with him "okay what are we doing" I said as Michael started playing a game where you had to hit down the bottles and win a prize "fuck" Michael said as he failed but only by one then it was my turn "yes" I screamed as I won a prize it was a giant teddy Michael just looked at me "I wish I was that teddy" I herdichael say under his breath "Michael" I said as he looked at me alittle sad "yeah miley" Michael said as I walked up to him I threw the teddy on the floor "miley wha-" before he could finish speaking I kissed him as he then put his arms around my waist "your my teddy" I sad as he just looked at me "oh I get it sorry but your my pizza" Michael said as I laughed "again with the pizza" I said as Michael them held my hand for the first time he was so happy I knew because he was just smiling the rest of the night I then got a call off Ellie "hey Ellie what's up" I said as there was a different voice "it's not Ellie and I'm watching you" the voice said and then hung up "miley what's wrong" Michael said as he stopped walking and looked me in the eyes as I just hugged him staying as close to him as possible I didn't let go I knew he would protect me "the call I just got it wasn't Ellie it was some guys voice" I said as I started to cry "come on let's go your not safe here" Michael said as he picked me up and took me to the car I then felt fear take over I thought Michael could protect me but he was acting like he couldn't and when he said I wasn't safe there he must know Somthing I don't "Michael what's going on" I said as he drove as fast as he could to the hotel "I can't say unless I'm sure" he said as he ran to the hotel room still carrying me he then opened the hotel door "guys" Michael screamed there was a noise it was Luke walking down the stairs he had his headphones on dancing around the hotel room "oh hey guys how did the date go" Luke said as Michael looked at him "not grate now stop dancing where the heck are the others" Michael shouted as tears started failing down my eyes

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