6. the bar

Me and Ellie then turned up at the bar and there was a lot of drunk people and loud music Michael was there I could see him straight away coz of his bright hair but I didn't walk up to him I just went to the bar "miley he's over there go see him" Ellie said as I just looked down "I don't know" I said as I was just finishing talking Ellie was gone "Ellie" I shouted I couldn't see her or Michael I was now worried there was then a tap on my shoulder I turned around "hey cutie" Michael said as he was smiling "hey weirdO" I said as I friendly punched him "there was no need for that" Michael said as he laughs "I'm sorry but really Michael why did you want my number" I said as I just looked at him he had already been drinking I had only had 1 "because I like you and I like pizza and your a pizza" Michael said he was clearly drunk so I just laughed at him "I'm happy being a pizza" I said as cal walked over "hey Millie right" cal said he had had a few two "it's miley but yeah hi cal" I said as I laughed I was laughing so much I looked like I was drunk but I wasn't I then looked over and saw ash and Ellie they looked like they were really getting along I was so happy for Ellie

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