20. stage

I got home and mum was there and we had a grate talk I told her about the whole thing she didn't belive me at first but I shown her the text and pictures of me and Michael together and ash and Ellie she was shocked but knew I was safe with them so I headed back to the hotel and dropped off all my cloths I them saw a note it read miley we are at the the concert ask security to bring you love Michael I then got a taxi to the concert

I then got to the concert and security wouldn't let me in "you don't understand Michael invited me" I said as they looked at me and laughed "yeah okay and Beyoncé invited me for dinner with the queen" the security guard said as he was laughing I ran past him screaming "MICHAEL MICHAEL" I could hear loads of cheering and the guitars and drums they would never hear me as I got to the edge of the stage where no one could see me but I could see Michael and the others "Michael" I shouted as I saw security notice me and run to me they grabbed me and Michael noticed he could see me kicking and hitting security as they picked me up "everyone scream I'm just going to get some water" Michael said to the screaming fans "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER" Michael shouted as security put me down and I hugged Michael "they wouldn't let me come see you I did call you but there was no way you'd hear me" I said as Michael hugged me and said go backstage to our dressing room Ellie is there" Michael said as he kissed my forehead and went back on stage

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