4. numbers

Miley's POV

I was leaving the V.I.P with Ellie when I heard a voice shout wait "miley I'm sorry but I need your number what if I want to talk to you and I have no way of contacting you" Michael said as I laughed "shut up Michael" I said as I gave him my number I don't know why I said shut up but I just am random with people but he didn't care "thanks text you later" Michael said as Ellie just looked at me in shock "you have michaels number" she said as I had an idea "hey we should go out drinking with them you could try and get Ashton's number" I said as I high fives her

We then got home and didn't say anything to my mum about the numbers and the flirting it would just be weird "how was it" mum said smiling "it was awesome but I couldn't say anything so I just said hi" I said as my mum just laughed at me "miley you should of said Somthing like ask them to follow you on twitter" mum said as I just thought well I have his number but I can't tell anyone this is anoying I spent the rest of the night on my phone "Ellie shall I message him" I said as just then my phone buzzed it was from an unknown number a text saying "hey cutie it's Michael I hope you had fun meeting me and the boys" I just read it and nearly screamed Ellie was next to me "ask about the drinking" Ellie said

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