16. Michael and calum

"Dude calm down the just went out for Some food" Luke said confused why the date was so bad "really" Michael said smiling "yeah I rerember because ash was only taking Ellie but then cal said he wanted to go" Luke said as Michael then pulled me into his room "I'm sorry about that" Michael said as I freaked out "Michael what's going on" I said as he hugged me "okay the call you got I've been getting them all the time saying that they are going to take everything away from me" Michael said as I just looked down "Michael I felt safe with you but now I'm not sure" I said as I got up and walked to the door "no miley please this isn't my fault I can't have you leave" Michael said beginning to cry I just looked at the door but then back at Michael "I'm not leaving you" I said smiling at how much he cared "oh ignore that then" Michael said acting casual

"Why haven't you told the police" I said as Michael smiled "because they can't do nothing they can't find them" Michael said as I hugged him "come here" I said as I kissed him the kiss lasted like the longest kiss I had ever had he sloped his tongue into the kiss as I did to he smiled and bit his lip "Michael what are we doing we should be sorting this problem out not making out "I'm fine with either" Michael said as I glared at him and then laughed "okay then so we should increase security on you and the others" I said as Michael just smiled and looked me up and down again "yes" Michael said I didn't know if he was saying yes to my plan or yes to me "Michael focus" I said as he then focused "okay we will increase security when's your next concert" I said as Michael stood up tomorrow night" Michael said as I then went to tell Luke "no no don't know of them can know" Michael said as he grabbed my hand "they need to" I said as I got our of his grip "no miley" Michael said as I just stood there "fine" I said as then we heard the others "Ellie where is your phone" I said as Ellie felt in her pockets "I don't know" she said as Michael said "miley leave it" he said as I just looked at him "fine what ever" I said as Michael just looked at me as I walked to the sofa and watched TV as Ellie came and sat near me as Michael just looked over "fuck" Michael said as he tried sitting near me "I'm sorry" Michael said as I just looked the TV "Michael just leave it" I said as Ellie looked at me "are you okay she said "yeah I'm fine don't worry" I said as ash then came and sat next to Ellie hugging her as I just sat there feeling jelouse cal came and sat next to me "miley what's wrong I know something's bothering you" cal said as he hugged me "nothing I promise" I then looked at his tattoos "can you take me to get a tattoo" I said as cal just laughed "yeah why not come on" he said as I just grabbed michaels jaket as he then took it off me "Michael what are you doing" I said as he just glared at calum "you are not having my jacket if your dating calum" Michael said angrily "I'm not dating calum" I started to cry as cal got one of his hoodies "here wear this" cal said as I put it on it was so warm michaels was denim but cals jacket was so fluffy in the inside I felt so warm we then left the hotel room as Michael glared at calum

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