14. micahels POV

Michaels POV

So it was finally time for my date with miley it was so anoying waiting all day to get her on her own she is so beautiful it's anoying that she won't let me just kiss her but I have a grate idea for the date I'm taking her to a fair ground I know that dosnt sound that amazing but I think it'll be fun it was 8pm and she started getting ready at half 7 and I had been waiting by the bedroom door for ages then she walked out she looked stunning she didn't have any cloths because she stayed at the hotel with us she was in black shorts and was wearing one of my tops and my denim jacket she looked hot as hell I didn't think anyone could wear a guys cloths and look so good "sorry I hope it's okay I stole a few of your cloths because I have non here" miley said as she looked all inasent and sweet "it's fine shall we go" I said as she just smiled "yeah let's go" miley said as she walked out the door I just couldn't stop stairing at her no wonder I called her pizza I was drawling over her

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