2. lip biter

After the concert was finished we headed backstage and there was so many security guards and body guards I just looked and though we so many I mean what do they think is going to happen there was a few people with V.I.P tickets and me and Ellie was so nervous "omg what am I going to say to them" I said to Ellie "I have no idea Maby I'll just ask them about how their day is going" Ellie said as I just started to panic we were the next in line to see them and I didn't know what I was going to say

So we were now in front of the boys I just looked at Michael and wanted a hug I've met them before but not Michael since he lost his passport so I was upset and started talking to calum and Ellie was talking to ash it was funny because I could see how nervous she was and she couldn't speak properly I looked at cal "Urm hi sorry I don't know what to say Urm your awesome" I said then cal just laughed "hey thanks I hope you enjoyed the concert" cal said laughing "yeah it was grate I love your music so much" I said as I felt like some one was watching me I turned around it was Michael "oh hey" I said nearly tripping over my own to feet Michael just looked at me "hey are you okay you look alittle pale" Michael said as I just nearly fell to the floor Michael caught me "no I'm fine sorry I'm just nervous" I said standing back up Michael just laughed at me "miley omg Ashton's so nice I can't belive it" Ellie said as Michael was still just stood there looking at me "oh miley is it" Michael said just still looking at me he kept looking me up and down I was so confused I thought I had Somthing on me "are you okay Michael" I said as he then looked at my eyes "yeah I'm fine your beautiful" he said as Ellie just went to talk to calum I heard laughing behind me I turned around it was Luke "Michael dosnt know how to flirt" Luke said laughing as I just looked at Michael that was flirting he needed some practice "fuck off Luke" Michael said as I just laughed "okay I'm just telling her" Luke said as he then walked off "sorry about that" Michael said as he rubbed his head "Michael was that really flirting" I said I just had to know I couldn't leave and no know "yes well not really I would of done it better if Luke didn't distract me" Michael said as I bit my lip holding in the laughter Michael smiled "you like me I can tell" Michael said as he again looked me up and down "stop doing that and why do you think I like you I may hate you for all you know" I said then I regretted what I said "okay well if you hated me you wouldn't come see me in concert and you wouldn't be talking to me or laughing all the time and you bit your lip which is a turn on" Michael said laughing as I just wanted to slap myself it felt like it was all a dream "no I was biting my lip to hold in the laughter and I don't hate you" I said

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