7. I'm your pizza

"Where did Michael go" I said to cal "he went toilet and I think we are heading back to the hotel in a minute" cal said as I tried to not look sad "oh okay" I said as I got up from the bar and went to see Ellie I them got pushed around there was a lot of people dancing and I got scared I felt someone's hands grab my arse "hey get off" I shouted as I turned around it was a strange guy I then got more scared and started to panic as he was trying to kiss me "come on don't be shy" the guy said as I was nearly crying just then I heard a punch and a voice "get your hands off my pizza" it was Michael I was so happy to see him I ran up and hugged him no one had ever made me feel so safe "are you okay did he hurt you" Michael said as I smiled "no I'm fine thank you" I said as Michael smiled "hey Michael come on the taxis waiting" a voice said it was Luke I them saw Ellie get into the taxi with ashton "Ellie where are you going" I said as I stood by the taxi "I'm going back with ashton" she said as then some one pushed me into the taxi "wha" I said as I tried to figure out what was going on "and your coming back with me" Michael said as I just smiled "okay only if we get pizza" I said as ashton and Ellie were kissing "Ellie your drunk" I said as Michael sat me on his lap "leave them their cute" Michael said as calum was falling asleep on leaning on Luke "no their cute" I said pointing at Luke and cal

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