5. famous

Ok then text Michael back "don't call me cutie and how do you fancy going out for a drink" I texted and waited for a reply I was worried he won't reply so I put my phone to the side as me and Ellie started talking "so how did your talk with ash go" I said to Ellie as her face then lit up "omg it was amazing I was so happy he said he was so nice" Ellie said then my phone buzzed "what did he say" Ellie said "he said yeah where and when" i said as I freaked out "where shall we go" I screamed at Ellie as Ellie was freaking out "to a bar down town the crystal bar that's good" Ellie said as I texted Michael telling him to meet us there he then text back "us not just me and you" he texted but I couldn't let my best friend down she really wanted to meet ash again and so I texted Michael back "yeah you bring your friends I'll bring Ellie you can't get me alone that easily Michael" I texted back as me and Ellie looked at each other and laughed "miley why are you playing hard to get we all know you like him back and he's famous why" Ellie said but she didn't understand how much I've been let down by ex boyfriends and the only think I've done is kiss them nothing els and Michael looked like the guy that has done all that stuff and looked so much cuter than any of my exs so I didn't want to get hurt again so I have to act hard to get I thought to myself I then said "because he's famous and that puts a lot of pressure on me if he likes me" I said as he text me back "I'll meet you there in half an hour" he texted

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