9. drunk

We get back to the hotel room and it's really nice and already ash and Ellie are making out "guys get a room" I said as ash looked at me "we have one" ash said smiling I was like to much info as Michael looked at me "why don't we do that" Michael said as he had a funny drunk smile "how about no" I said as Michael then did puppy dog eyes "why not" Michael said "because your drunk and we are not dating" I said as Michael hugged me "your my pizza" Michael said smiling "but Michael why don't we talk about this in the morning when your not drunk" I said as Michael just goes to bed leaving me feel bad also leaving me awkwardly near ash and Ellie who are making out on the sofa and cal and Luke are not finding it awkward because there drunk and laughing at the TV even though it's not on

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