21. dresser

I got to the dressing room and went in Ellie was there "miley look we are 5sos" Ellie said she was wearing one of Ashton's bandanas and holding drum sticks I just looked at her as she looked at a bag she had "what's this" I said as I got hair dye out the bag "come on miley your michaels girl it'll be fun" Ellie said as I smiled let's do this" I said as she dyed my hair we heard that the boys show was almost over so we washed the hair dye off and my hair was now bright red "WOW THATS WOW" I said as Ellie smiled okay know wear this" she gave me michaels top and a guitar "okay whAt are we doing" I said as Ellie looked as we heard the music stop that means the boys are comming okay ready we were stood there the boys walked in "Urm what are you doing" ash said laughing "we are 5sos" Ellie said as I stood there with red hair and a guitar "yeah we are 5sos and I don't know" I said as Michael laughed "miley your hair" Michael said as I looked down "yes I'll dye it back later" I said as Michael laughed "no don't you look hot" Michael said as I went red and kissed him

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