11. date

"Pizza really" Michael said laughing as I just looked at him "why was I in your bed and you was here" I said as Michael just smiled "well you didn't want to go to bed with me so I went to bed and Luke told me you was asleep on the sofa so I moved you to my bed and I didn't want you to think that I didn't listern to you so I just took your spot on the sofa" Michael said as I just smiled and had tears in my eyes Mabey Ellie's right Maby I should give Michael a chance "thank you Michael look I do like you a lot but I'm just worried I won't be good enough for you or I'll let you down" I said as tears fell down my face Michael them pulled me onto the sofa with him "aww babe don't cry never think that your beautiful and you won't let me down please smile come on a date with me tonight" Michael said smiling as I just lay on his chest falling to sleep "okay then yeah" I said "hey Michael did ashton and Ellie do anything last night" I said as Michael laughed "oh if only you saw them they were still at it when I took you too bed" Michael said as ash them walked out of the room "morning ash" Michael said laughing "don't start I'm so hung over I don't think I can walk" ash said as he tried to walk to the kitchen "hey Michael did pizza final say yes to your whole date idea" ashton said as he then dropped a glass as he saw me "oh hey miley I didn't see you there Urm I hope I didn't wreck your plan Michael" ash said acting casual "no ash she said yes to the date" Michael said smiling and whispering yes to himself

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