19. cloths

Mileys POV

I saw cal come out of the room cal walked up to me "just give him time" cal said I walked to Ellie and ash "Ellie I'm leaving I hope you have fun with ash" I said as I walked away "Miley I love you but ash wants me to stay" Ellie said as I just hugged her and walked out

Just then Michael walked out "where's miley I need to talk to her" Michael said as he looked at ashton and cal "them Luke walked in "hey guys I just saw miley she looks upset" Luke said as Michael ran out the door I was in the lobby "no Michael no you fell out with me for no reason then you took your jacket off me and went mad when calum gave me his hoodie" I said as I just started crying "I thought that you would protect me but you don't I'm going" I said as then Michael grabbed me and kissed me "I love you I know I because when I'm with you I get a nervous and sweaty and I took my jacket off you because I thought you would stay if you didn't have a jacket" Michael said as I walked outside "your still leaving" Michael said as he looked down "yeah I have to go get cloths" I said as I went to go get some cloths

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