18. Calum's POV

Calum's POV

Straight away I knew what was wrong with Michael he was jelouse but if he didn't get in a mood with her he could of gone with her to get tattoos I went to michaels room and walked on "calum what do you want" michael said looking super mad "Michael there is nothing going on with me and miley" I said as Michael stood up "why the fuck did you take her out at 10pm at night and give her your hoodie" Michael said in anger "have you heard yourself I gave her my hoodie because she dosnt have her cloths here and you took yours off her so unless you wanted her to freeze to death I have her mine and she went to get a tattoo she was going to ask you but you were pissed off so she didn't bother" I said as Michael look at me in shock "she got a tattoo" Michael said as he sat back down "yeah on her ankle but it's only little" I said as I walked over to sit down next to Michael "look why she was getting her tattoo she told me how much she likes you and how she wants to date you but she's been let down by so many guys before so she is very nervous and worried about getting let down again now just please talk to her" I said as I then walked out the room and left Michael on his own

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