1. concert tickets

So my names miley and I am a huge fan of the band 5 seconds of summer and my mum had got me tickets for my 18th and I was so exited I couldn't wait I was going with my friend Ellie who had a huge crush on ashton Irwin I always say she should flirt with him but she can't be aside of she gets nervous so we went together to the concert we both had VIP tickets and we were both so exited we were in cue and all of us there were shouting 5SOS and laughing everyone there was so nice although there was a lot of pushing when the doors opened but nobody could blame anyone I mean there idols are on the other side of that door they are going to be exited

As soon as the boys walked on stage everyone was screaming my ears felt like they were going to burst but I then started screaming and Ellie was too I was laughing at Ellie she was so happy laughing and singing I saw Michael Clifford just smiling and full of energy my fav song is she looks so perfect and English love affair as soon as they started playing she looks so perfect Ellie just looked at me and I looked at her and we just started jumping and dancing like idiots it was so funny

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